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New Meier Corda Rock

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by rasmushorn, Jan 29, 2012.
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  1. rasmushorn
    Interresting news. Planned for release May/June.

    This little amp really lives up to its name. Despite it's small size (10,6 x 4,2 x 12,0 cm / 4,2 x 1,7 x 4,7 ") it delivers great and powerfull sound. It has a relatively simple basic concept but is made with high quality parts (Alps RK27 potentiometer, polystyrol and polypropylen capacitors, Nichicon FW electrolytic capacitors, Neutrik headphone-socket, full aluminium enclosure, ...), resulting in a detailed sound with fine pace and rhythm. I promise, its price will be a shocker!

  2. Cosmic Fool
    Sounds promising. I look forward to hearing more details about it. Thanks for the information, rasmushorn!
  3. 12345142
    I wonder what he means by 'shocker.' I guess telling us the price upfront would spoil the fun, wouldn't it?
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Crap and I was looking at a Cantate with fingers crossed that the seller will consider overseas shipping, and this being "ROCK," this might be the one for me. But then again, I'm trying to simplify my set-up down to an iPad and a great amp with a minimalist USB DAC, so I'm still up for a Cantate. Smaller case, even the Rock, won't work for me if I have to have another box on the table.

    Wait a sec...no Crossfeed on the Rock?
  5. Jan Meier Contributor
    Dear headfellows,

    Various people have asked me for some information on this new model, so here we go:

    Starting point for the development of the ROCK was to bring a small stationary amplifier that is well within the reach of a small pocket. There are already many portable “cheap” amplifiers on the market but the choice in stationary amps is still relatively limited.

    To achieve this goal the amp comes without crossfeed and without digital volume control. Power comes from a built-in switching supply and low/high gain can not be set by a switch but by simple post-shunts (accessible from the outside of the amp).

    There are no compromises toward mechanical quality though. The 27 millimeter ALPS potentiometer may not really sound better than a decent 9 millimeter version but mechanically it certainly will hold much longer. The enclosure is from aluminum and the headphone socket comes from NEUTRIK.

    Sound is always a matter of taste, but personally I was very surprised what could be achieved by proper selection of the various parts and by some little tricks. This amplifier sounds very mature and powerful (300 mA output current/channel at 40 Ohm, up to 40 mA in class-A!) and is close to a JAZZ or a CLASSIC.

    The exact production costs are not known yet, but I hope to keep the price below USD 200,-. No promises though!


  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    A $200 Class A-biased amp?! Cool!
  7. pekingduck
    Very interesting! Looks like it's priced to compete with the O2 [​IMG]
  8. 12345142
    Corda quality for under $300? Now that's a shocker indeed. Will definitely keep my eye on this amp.
  9. rasmushorn
    I think this might be my amp for the office.
  10. Swatcsi
    This amp looks great, might pick one up.
  11. fabio-fi
    Well thats an interesting pricetag. 
  12. rasmushorn
    I think May/June is far away right now...
  13. hanssen4
    is this corda headsix brother?
  14. rasmushorn

    I am guessing that the sound of the Rock will be much better then the Headsix since it is a desktop amplifier and not batterydriven portable.

    So maybe not a brother.... probably more like a long lost Uncle.

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  15. Jan Meier Contributor
    Dear headfellows,
    first pictures of the new amp now can be found on my website.
    Unfortunately the amp will cost a little bit more than hoped for but I believe it still offers very good value for money.
    Sadly production of the amp will be delayed by a few months. The reason is, that I want to have Nichicon FG capacitors implemented instead of the more common (and cheaper) FW capacitors. The FG version simply sounds bettter. However, Nichicon does not have these capacitors on stock and it will take them a few months to supply! But it will be worth the extra wait!
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