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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by asmagus, Jun 10, 2011.
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  1. Chris J
    Very nice review, Mr. A!
    Sigh, no more Head Fi posts from one of the more rational folks on Head Fi![​IMG]
  2. danik97
    Have ordered a Classic. Exciting for waiting to listen with LCD-2 [​IMG]
  3. danik97
    I have a qauestion. I see that CLASSIC have a two pairs of RCA inputs.
    That's mean that it can be sourced from two DACs? And how to switch between them from amp, which input is main in present time? [​IMG]
    ...Ok, it's confirmed. Switching by left switch on the front panel.
    That's great.
  4. danik97
    Received today an HD800 (thank's to Jan for discount). 
    Listen it first time, never listen them before. Want to say that all what I've read about "dryness and clynical", or thin sound of HD800 I don't hear. Nothing same there! Very comfortable and detailed sound!
    I think is merit that I do not listen any lacks of HD800 is right amping them by Corda Classic. So, recommend to listen them in pair.
    Thank you, Jan Meier! And thanks to AiDee and tropicana for advices!
  5. Argo Duck
    Glad this worked out for you danik [​IMG]
  6. Swatcsi
    Same here, when I auditioned the HD800 in the store I wasn't too fond of them, but decided to get them anyways since I always wanted it. when hooked up to the Classic, the combination is amazing. I've heard them on other ss amps under a thousand dollars and can't find anything that works as good as the Classic does.
  7. Szadzik
    Will be joining the club of owners soon. Reserved a Classic from Jan and will be listening to it in 2 weeks when I get back home. Cannot wait.
  8. rasmushorn
    I still love my Concerto. It just plays well with whatever headphone I connect to it. Enjoy the Classic when you receive it [​IMG]
  9. Szadzik
    I hope to get over a week of listening this time and have enough time to test it properly. But it seems like a great amp for the money.
  10. danik97
    Does somebody compared a Classic with SPL Auditor? Seems that Classic may be upper of SPL in sounding at all.
  11. elipson73
    Does anybody try the Classic with AKG K 701 headphones ?
  12. danik97
    Corda Classic excellent works with HD800. Seems K701 would be fully drived too.
  13. andybo
    I think the corda classic is a slightly more smooth than the concerto or Symphony. A little difference there is. I have upgradet it and have also the new Daccod. Also there a litte bit smoother. 
  14. Synthax
    Any impressions with Classic ant T1,T5p or T70 ? I'm very interested in. I started to have big confidence to Jan Meier after reading his description about amp-technology on his page. Very nice trick with position of headphones on head also..
  15. Argo Duck
    Synthax, from the music preferences in your profile I think you could find the Classic very good. It's a fine, all-round amp - lots of power for LCD2 and naturally covers high impedance (e.g. Beyer and Sennheiser territory) too. IMO Jan's best to date (I've owned a few of his amps).

    With the T1 it has great sound-stage and imaging; is neutral, detailed and clean/smooth/balanced (i.e. does not artificially accentuate any part of the sound).

    Although I tend to listen mostly to tube gear these days, I'm unlikely to sell the Classic. It's my 'benchmark' amp and sometimes just exactly what I want to listen to, especially with the LCD2 phones.
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