New Meelec Branded Earphones;AI-M6 and M9
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 19, 2005
Came across these yesterday. I am a fan of the older AI-M2 which is still nice for the $15 shipped it can be bought for. Newegg has good pics and they are the same price as on the Meelec site, $49.99. - MEElectronics AI-M6-RD 3.5mm Gold-Plated Connector Canal Stylish Sound-Isolating Earphones (Red) - MEElectronics AI-M9-BK 3.5mm Gold-Plated Connector Canal Stylish Sound-Isolating Sports Earphones

Look to be the same driver with different housings and wearing styles. They are 9mm dynamic drivers and have a one year warranty.

Should be quite good. Not sure if they are some great deal or would be the next FOTM but who knows?. I'm kinda likin' the M6 Red though I don't really like memory wires. The AI-M2 is very,very similar to the PL30 in signature with a bit more high-end roll-off and not as detailed. If these are a nice improvement then they will meet or might even beat the Soundmagic. Speculation but I guess we'll see if anyone takes the plunge.

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