New Marantz SA-8004
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When I do a search for "NuForce OPPO BDP-83SE," nothing negative comes up.  I'm not finding the type of detail evaluations that I like to read before I buy.  I'm not sure what you mean by AVS forum as I don't see an AVS forum listed.
When you write of issues with the player, are you writing about the OPPO version, or the NuForce version?
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tnili, thanks for the heads-up notice and the informative link.
As one poster suggested in the thread, due to the snap, crackle and pop syndrome, one might be better (more satisfied) with a dedicated SACD player complimented by a quality Blu-ray player.  Mighty disappointed as having a NuForce OPPO BDP-83SE combined hits the sweet spot smartly; price/quality/value/convenience.
Currently NuForce isn't shipping any units.  I'll give them a call and see what they have to say about the between track clicking sound and the freezing SACD issue.  For a unit of this kind, these are "HUGE," unacceptable problems.
Thanks again for the heads-up notice.  Really, really, really good info.


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A really neat feature is that the new SA-8004 has a USB input that allows you to use it with your ipod bypassing the DAC's in the ipod and using the ones in the Marantz player instead. It's out and shipping now too. Sound quality will be no doubt fantastic as well.
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Anyone have impression to share yet?
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On the strength of my SA-8001 I've ordered the SA-8004 given the new functionality.  I don't expect a SQ difference but do like the the new features.  Hope to report when received.  BTW, I could of purchased at some of the super discount outlets but given the past TOC problems (including the 8001) I felt the extra couple hundred was worth buying from an established and known dealer such as Crutchfield.
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Received the new SA-8004.  First impression is decent construction fit and finish but nothing special.  Seems a little light weight for a grand but this is the reality with less than mega bucks components.  SQ is a bit early to comment but very similar to 8001 if a bit more warm, waiting for the soundstage to open up.  No problems with recognizing any of my various CD's/SACD's including various hybrids, etc.  Interesting, no more title/song read-out on display.  Don't think I missed this in the manual, no mention of this functionality.  Did they drop this function to squeeze in new features?  Could not have cost much to keep it so I don't understand.  I have not tried the various other features such as DAC in/out, iPod/USB etc as I'm exercising basic CD/SACD capability for this is why I purchased it.  As you may read into this brief comment...I'm not floored at this moment.  Developing...
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Interesting, amham. I'm a bit in the same boat, having owned the SA8001 for several years and I have considered the SA8004.

Do you still have the SA8001 around for a comparison? If the sound is similar, I'll probably keep the SA8001 awhile longer. It works well and still sounds great.
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What about the CEC CD3800? Has anyone listened to it?
USB input is limited to 16/48 but has balanced analog outputs and it's only $899 on audiocubes 2.
I'm trying to decide between the two but it's really hard without reviews and I can't try them anywhere near me.
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Uncle, I never thought that there would be enough of a SQ difference to warrant the purchase of the 8004.  I was more interested in the new features and the continuing depreciation of the 8001.  If I can recoup a reasonable sale price for 8001 now, which still sounds teriffic and is competitive, then it makes sense.  I noticed the 8004 weights .4 lbs. less than the 8001.  I wonder what they cut out for that weight saving (I've always equated heft with quality - rightly or wrongly).  I doubt a side by side comparison will shed much light.  They both sound very good and I'm not one susceptable to "audio nervousa" with impercetible differences...good units sound good...period.   BTW, I have not yet mastered the USB writing technique for the front input to work...getting "header errors" which is not detailed in the manual.  (if they could add these error remarks why could they not keep the track text?)

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