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New Kinera SEED hybrid IEM

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  1. Kervsky
    Hi, since there seems no dedicated thread for the upcoming Kinera Seed IEM, I thought I'd open a thread discussing about it. It should be in the Kinera aliexpress store any day soon as it was announced in their Telegram group to start shipping for those who pre-ordered and open to the rest via distributors and their ali store. So far:

    1. It's supposed to be airy, with a neutral bright tone and medium amount of bass.
    2. Focuses a bit more on vocal.
    3. And is recommended to be burned in for at least 50 hours for the best results.
    4. There is a tag of Yin (and likely a Yang somewhere down the line) in the picture provided, so there must be something else coming that's also called SEED aside from this one.

    Picture below provided by Steve of Kinera and is the final look of the SEED (Black Yin)
  2. ostewart
    Looking forward to getting mine :D
  3. rayliam80
    They look snazzy but thoughts/reviews of the H3 turned me off. I hope these are more balanced. If they really will be around the $50 USD mark, perhaps something to keep in mind.
  4. ostewart
    They released some samples to reviewers, the first revision was not released to market as they did a slight re-tune so I am hoping the re-tune made them more balanced.

    As I am getting both pairs (pre-release, and production model) it will be interesting to hear what they changed.

    The reviews out there of the SEED are of the pre-release model, and not the final production model.
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  5. jant71
    For sure the Yang is coming as said on the FB page...
    "So SEED is a conceptual project inspiring by the YinYang belief of the chinese culture. The black seed (Yin) representing the Yin , and is the part 1 of the whole project. Part 2 will be announced very soon with details and will be ready very soon. So stay tuned and thank you very much for supporting KINERA."

    I assume the neutral/bright/mids focused tuning is the Yin and the bass/warm/V tuning might be the Yang.

    $50-ish as they make it look better at $49 but charge $5.68 for 19-39 day shipping :)

    Handsome looking earphone for sure and they put up a graph...

    Only $55 but need to see how well tuned it is. How that section between 3k and 5K is will certainly define the "bright" of the neutral-bright signature with medium bass description.

    Not sure if I would buy till knowing what the Yang will be first though. Hopefully that announcement does come very soon.

    Also saw this pic from Headpie...
    Looks pretty certain from that tips will play a role in the sound here. I know I have smaller bore tips with tight fitting cores that will pinch off that bigger bore and cut down it's size and effect. Actually makes the Seed a bit more intriguing. :)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  6. mochill
    Waiting for mine to ship
  7. Steve13
    Steve from kinera, thank you so much for helping us on opening a thread about the SEED, much appreciated. About Yang, i will announce more information about it when we are ready. Thanks.
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  8. fivestringwonder
    Waiting for mine as well...and for more news on the "Yang" Seed!
  9. Kervsky

    From my experience with the non final tuning, the seed is definitely responsive to tip rolling, and can scale with different players (on my phone its pretty bassy and kinda balanced with a bump in the highs, even with all sound mods off. But it sounds balanced out and rather bright on my ap200).

    Supposedly, the final tuning cuts down on peaks that may be an issue to more sensitive listeners.
  10. ngoshawk
    9FBF2784-5B26-4B30-926F-F142F7609DCE.jpeg D66F8CA8-7546-45E3-92BA-1A0B36962DD2.jpeg 58571958-2B60-4CDE-97C8-D0C3E0A6189B.jpeg SEED in the house...:ksc75smile:
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  11. ostewart
    Is that the final tuning version? :D as they changed the cable (2-pin connectors are no longer over moulded, now black as per next post in this thread) and yours looks like the older one...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  12. ExpatinJapan
  13. ngoshawk
    Nope, that one is on the way. I told Steve I would listen to both. He told me of the changes, and I will withhold judgement until I hear both.

    I’m going out of town and wanted to take this one to “burn in,” lol.
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  14. Kervsky
    The Seed has landed in HK (Well, it is closer lol) the following pics are not mine, but was taken from Hello on Telegram with his permission.

    The box looks awesome



    And the seed looks pretty good

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  15. fivestringwonder
    Looks awesome!
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