New keyboard with audio pass through question.
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Jul 5, 2014
    Just purchased a Razer Blackwidow "Ultimate" mechanical keyboard as a replacement for my Daskeyboard (due to bad control key in latter)  .. Anyway, just noticed my new KB has an audio pass through.. Up till now I've just  hooked up my Beyer DT 990 250 directly to my Asus Essence ST   sound card, though it's often a bit of an annoying stretch with the location of my desktop. My question is, will I lose some noticeable power & audio quality by using the pass through? If so, would I be much better off just buying a couple feet extension to the cable and keep the signal direct to the card? I realize the keyboard passthrough is basically just an extension itself but not sure about the quality of the cables (or if it even matters).. They do seem to be fairly high guage, though I can't tell with as much shielding on it. 

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