New Kennerton ODIN (Planar Magnetic), MAGISTER, VALI headphones,cables,amps from Fischer at IFA

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  1. ithilienrp
    Well, let say I'm not ruling out the hope for upgrading it whatever Kennerton has in the future that would fit the Vali frame :wink:
  2. andyDiamond
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  3. eric65
    Hi Andrey

    Yes, a very good idea on the part of Kennerton to make the Odin more accessible to the greatest number of people, in accordance with the philosophy of the brand, as expressed in my post on previous page:

    Otherwise, for more details regarding these "B-STOCK SALE", on the Russian forum:
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  4. eric65

    Here is the first feedback of the listen of the Kennerton Tror, at the Audio Show "Sound-days" in Paris this afternoon, by sle (Stéphane).

    I translate the text:

    Quote: " First listen to the Tror at the Sound Days this afternoon and big slap.
    : Love:

    I expected to be pleasantly surprised after the enthusiastic feedback from Eric and Pierre but this was beyond my expectations.
    In direct comparison the Odin appears a little clogged, veiled and dull.
    The Tror is good in all registers without any apparent faults in my ears.
    The voices sound admirable without coquetry and in a very natural way.
    It descends in the low as few headphones and can compete with the Abyss in this register, which is not nothing. Treble is fluid and very detailed without sourness.

    I prefer his signature to that of Susvara which sounds as well very well but with a more distant, more ethereal.
    History of tastes again ...

    The other good surprise is the weight that is significantly reduced and this is likely to please a lot.
    This point has never been a problem for me but I can understand that some may be embarrassed in the long run.

    Congratulations to Kennerton for this new headphone that will make speak of him assuredly. "

    Read more at:

    amplifier used with the Hifiman Susvara: Viva Egoista 845.
    amplifier used with the the Kennerton Tror and the Odin: Viva Egoista 845 and 2A3; and the new Auris 2A3 amp.
    Cable used with the Kennerton Tror: the new Kennerton stock cable plaited and nylon sheathed.
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  5. eric65

    Here is an other feedback of the listen of the Kennerton Tror, at the Audio Show "Sound-Days" in Paris this afternoon, by Yacine.

    I translate the text:


    " Today at the festival "SON & IMAGE" (in Paris - France) I saw Pierre, Ali and Julien ... To go straight to the point, I tested the Tror.
    For my part I found that the Tror went much further than the Odin on all the criteria: comfort, spatialization, details, extremities of the bandwidth .... .... Even if the listening conditions were not top with a lot of noise, I clearly understood that with the Tror it was 4K HDR whereas the ODIN was only FULL HD.
    (translator's note: comparison in terms of image, for definition of sound)

    The Tror is an excellent headphone that I will locate between an ABYSS V2 and a UTOPIA. Basically it is too "straight" for me, so I preferred the ODIN on the VIVA 2A3.
    : Love: "

    Read more at:

    " Last thing (to say), the cable of the Tror is of a rare quality.
    :Bravo: "

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  6. ithilienrp
    I had a little bit of free time last night, so I just re-read the entire thread. (Yeah, I actually did that .... took a while).

    It’s almost a hundred pages long now. Amazing. Re-learned some things and recalled a lot of good moments.
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  7. eric65
    Hi Dave,

    99 exciting pages on the Kennerton thread, assuredly ...:)

    What beautiful photos taken by you to show the beauty of these headphones Kennerton ...







    Otherwise, on the french forum, the Kennerton Tror made a great impression in France during the Parisian expo of the Sound Days, last week-end.
    I think everyone agrees that the Tror goes further than the Odin on almost all the audio criteria, not to mention its reduced weight of 200 g compared to the Odin.
    Tror sound is considered as more just for the tone (and timbre) than that of the Odin; more straight, more extended at the ends of the frequency band; more airy ; it is more resolved (nb: see the Yacine image comparison between a Full HD (Odin) and 4K HDR (Tror) image), with a better sound scene (more precise and aerated than that of the Odin); however the less warm character and the very "straight" and rigorous sound of the Tror Vs odin, will make the Tror will have a less charming sound and also less fun than the Odin.

    According to Kennerton's engineers (on the russian forum), Kennerton Tror's new High tech driver, with its lighter frame and new lighter "honeycomb" membrane, would give a colder (less warm), more precise and airy sound than the Odin.
    The frequency response (FR) of the Tror would be also very close to the ideal target response.


    Otherwise, compared to the Hifiman Susvara, the Kennerton Tror would have a more balanced and homogeneous tone than that of the Susvara, and also less ethereal (nb: both headphones have been used on the same amp, the Viva Egoista 845 providing 15 Watts per channel (on a load of 50 Ohm?)).
    The Tror is very much easier to drive than the Susvara; it gives a wonderful sound (just like the Odin) with the Viva Egoista 2A3 which only provides 3 Watts per channel ; Viva 2A3 amp which is a priori not able to correctly drive the Susvara (because not enough power and especially of gain in Volts).

    Dave, I sincerely wish you the opportunity to upgrade one of your two Odin mk2 with the drivers of the Tror.

    As for me, who has currently only one Odin headphones (Odin mk2 in Karelian birch), because I gave my first Odin mk1 to my elder brother, who uses it as an monitoring headphone to play on numerical Piano; well, I think I will have to buy a Tror in 2018 to be a companionship for my lovely Odin Mk2, and to open the listening field to the genre of classical music, especially for the listening of the classical piano (from Bach to Debussy, passing by Mozart and Schumann) that I adore to listen.


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  8. ithilienrp
    I exchanged e-mails with Mr.Valentin Kazanzhi (the CEO himself) a while back about upgrading. So I don't think 'opportunity' is gonna be a problem. The minor problem is sending it back and forth, which I would have to ask the local Kennerton dealer to handle that for me.

    But ... the number one problem is .... "the wait time" (mostly for transportation). You know, when you get excited over something, you can hardly wait, and 2-3 months would seem much longer than it actually is.
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  9. eric65
    And for me too; I who had the immense honour of listening to the Tror in France. :)
    Also imagine the time it will take to have a new Tror; Many months to wait in perspective ...

    I can't wait! But it will have to be!

    In the meantime, I will listen to my Odin mk2 to pass the time and forget a little what I could listen to with the Tror.
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  10. Kennerton Team
    The b-stock sale is now complete with first offers. Vali will appear there too soon.
    We will post the cropped photos in the description highlighting the problems, but it still may be hard to notice in some cases (specifically wood cracks). Suggestions are welcome :)
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  11. ithilienrp
    The price looks really awesome. Had I not already have 3 Odins, I will be pulling the trigger already.
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  12. drwlf
    @Kennerton Team @ithilienrp insane deals.
    Just in the middle of upgrading my two-channel set; I'd have some money stashed away... Pfft, so tempting!
  13. Arcamera
    I would love to get another Vali. By the way Dave-- what woods are your Vali in?
  14. ithilienrp
    They are standard Vali, one in natural finish and another in varnished. I just asked Kennerton to pick the “darkest one they have” when I ordered the natural finish (since I got the light-color wood in varnished, I want something different).

    So, that would be Peruvian Walnut, both of them, if the info on the web is correct.
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