New Kennerton ODIN (Planar Magnetic), MAGISTER, VALI headphones,cables,amps from Fischer at IFA

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  1. eric65
    Hi all,


    So close and yet so different ...



    I am looking forward to the arrival of the Tror for the beginning of the year 2018 ! :)
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  2. r one
    in french, with only one word : GENIAL !!
  3. eric65
    Hi Jérôme, and thanks. :)

    But I still have better ... :dt880smile:

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  4. paradoxper
    Wow. Eric65, I feel you really need an MOT Kennerton Badge.

    Mildly interested to see these in more trusted hands.
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  5. eric65

    I have imagination! :beyersmile:

    Otherwise, just ordered one (a Kennerton Tror and a Kennerton Odin mk2) to make your own opinion, or have the chance to test them (on loan) on the same amp ... :)

    Otherwise, the subjective differences are evident between the two headphones (Kennerton Tror Vs Odin mk2), and it is not me who says it (four other people having listened to the Tror compared to the Odin mk2 (on amps Viva 845 and 2A3) at the Sound-Days in Paris on 14-15 October); the objective differences also (200 g less for the weight of the Tror Vs Odin).
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  6. paradoxper
    The focus isn't to discredit your findings, but to provide context to them. It would seem they were in prototype form and were judged within a meet environment. Not taking things at face value.
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  7. eric65
    Hi again,

    Yes it's true for the 4 people present at the Sound-Days in Paris.

    About me, I had the chance to listen and compare the prototype of the Tror Vs my Odin mk2 adored, for 1 week, at home (on loan) on my amp Viva 2A3, and with several different cables.
    Prototype of the Tror which differs from the model of series only by the external grid (in synthetic material printed in 3D on the prototype, whereas it will be finer and more beautiful, in aluminum on the model of series, much lighter than the external grid of the Odin which is in Zinc).
    Other opinions that mine will come when the future owners of the Tror will talk about their headphone, probably in early 2018, when the headphone Tror will be available.
    Personally I wait for the final price of the Tror, in Euros (VAT included) before ordering one; I take the risk, knowingly ... :)
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  8. eric65
    Hi all.

    For fun !

    What is the relationship between the Kennerton brand (Russian) and the American superhero of DC Comics, Batman?

    The answer :

    The bat ! :beyersmile:


    Batman by Kennerton ... :beyersmile:




    Notes:Tror is a super-headphones planar chosen by the superhero Batman.
    Nb: both have for emblem the bat. Furthermore, Batman and Tror are just right ! :)

    Susvara is another super-headphones planar chosen by another superhero ... Hifiman ! :beyersmile:
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  9. eric65
    Hi all.

    The Tror could have as godfather the superhero Batman, who shares the same emblem, the bat, because, just like Batman, the Tror is right and fair (for the tone).

    The Odin could have as godmother a french pop femal singer whom I like very much, Nolwenn Leroy, because just like Nolwenn, the Odin is warm and charmer for tone.

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  10. George Taylor
    Quick question. Has anyone tried pad rolling with any of these? Specifically, I'm trying to do some with my Vali, but am not having much luck. I got a pair of the ZMF Ori pads, and they seem like they may be a little too large for them. But the real problem I'm having is they are so much softer than the original pads, that I can't work them down into the slot they need to go in. So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Kennerton Team
    Since we completed the third drop of Vali, we decided to make a small video showing making and assembly of them.
    You can check it here:

  12. eric65
    Thanks for the video.
    Precision work.
    Built to last.
    Good job! :)
  13. tienbasse
    When I se this video, at least it makes me happy that it is all hand-made, because I've seen a lot of people bashing Kennerton for their Vali pricing on Massdrop.
    The Massdrop Valis are beautiful headphones with a very lively signature, and it makes me sad that people compare them negatively with sub-200$ Sennheiser headphones...
    Beside the modest soundstage, they perform really well, they just need a warm source with good soundstage.
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  14. Arcamera
    Man I love the Vali. Aside from the Odin, it's the most satisfying headphone I've ever owned. (My old Grado HP1000 comes close though).
  15. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    Feel free to upgrade your Odin with an even better cable than stock cable. You will gain even more clarity, transparency and extension in the treble, and even more ...
    I'm sure Kennerton's new "Custom" cable in Litz wire, nylon sheath, which I've tried with the Tror, will be a perfect fit for current and future Odin owners.
    Likewise if you buy a Kennerton Tror, IMHO, the new Kennerton "custom" cable in Litz wire will also be needed, if you do not want to do things halfway.

    Also read, on HCFR (in French), the report of a happy new owner of a headphone Odin mk2 upgraded with a new cable (which I do not know), directly connected to the drivers, and especially with some new planar drivers compatible with the cups of the Odin (the drivers of the Kennerton Tror?) ...
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