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New. Just bought HIFI WALKER H2, any thoughts on the specs?

  1. Dill54F
    Is it good for the price?
    What's your thought on it. It's on Amazon btw.

    Been viewing other stuff as well, like Fiio x3s and 5 v2.

    I got it because of its supposed battery life which I think is fantastic, the guy is saying playing flac will give me around 20 hrs and some ppl say they have it around 25+ hrs.

    I don't know about the bluetooth, but it's nice to have on the side, but I'm not much of a bluetooth user. The sound quality I mostly read from the reviews, but I honestly don't know. I also bought it for the scroll wheel which was one thing I really loved on my sansa.

    EDIT: Just wanted to introduce myself, I was researching and never knew I had an account here, must be years since I've logged on.

    Lately, my old Sansa Fuze begin to die out, it came back to life but at this point I've had it for many years and I want an upgrade. I love all types of music but I also want a player that has enough power to really push on the bass as I have some bass boosted head/earphones like Sony MDR90 and VModa 100s, I also have a AKG k7xx for listening to movie/anime soundtracks and instrumental etc. The Sensa was nice but it's definitely way outdated. Wanted something to give the sounds more dynamic, more punch. Going from MP3s to high res files like flac. But in terms of research, I'm a totally newbie.

    My budget is around 250'ish but of course I wouldn't mind a good bang for my buck.

    I'm not an audiophile, but I love good music when I can get it.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  2. Dill54F
    No one's heard anything about this dap?
  3. buke9
    Have no Idea on theWalker H2 never have heard of it. Your going to tell us about it.
  4. Dill54F
    Darn I was hoping someone could look at the specs or hardware and see if it's worth the money.

    That's what I'm trying to see, if it's worth the cost. My budget is $250 so if it wasn't, I could step up to something like a Fiio x5 2nd (I like the wheel....)

    Just got this email while asking him about the power

    No amp is needed if your headphone is 62 ohm. The H2 drives headphone up to 150 ohm with no problems! You should be able to have very detailed quality with your headphone.
    We have even tried testing H2 with HD650. It’s not that detailed but still okay.

    The DAC causes too many problems to some customers. Some feel too complicated to install, so we no longer provide DAC driver officially. You might want to ask other buyers from the Q&A section to download it.

    Didn't understand what he meant by dac causing issues I mean isn't part of a quality DAP is to have decent integrated dac/amp? Shrug...
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  5. Dill54F
    So Amazon took 6 days to send the player off and then did an overnight delivery :cold_sweat:
    Like "Oops, we forgot this guy's order, hopefully he didn't notice"

    Here's my New to the Forum One Day First Impressions on This!

    Though I got my new Fiio e12a a few days ago, I tried the sound of the player without the fiio amp at first. Sounded pretty nice, clear sound, I think it started to sound better after listening for an hour, break, then listening to it again later. It was able to play my IEMs very well and my 62 ohm AKG well too, though I could max it out with gain on high. However, even though I messed with the EQ to boost the bass, it kind of lacked the kind of thumping that I was aiming for(I'm not a basshead btw, but I do get my urge to feel some 'vibes' once in awhile). I think the issue was that I've been a tad spoiled by my PC sound card which does AMAZING bass with my Sony MDR XB90EX. I wanted to increase the volume on my AKG a bit, so this is where I used the Fiio e12a. I honestly wasn't sure how much of a difference it would make, but it surprised me. The bass boost is weak, signal played as it is, clean and nice, but the tiny bit of bass boost did make notes more 'fun' and it gave me the slight boost and power to get the bass I wanted. The gain on it made a much bigger difference than on my DAP. With this amp, I was able to get the AKG to around 60% and iem to around 40% with the custom EQ.

    - Comes with what I feel to be pretty decent headphones.
    - Comes with 16 GB (c10) sandisk memory card.
    - A way to navigate through individual sound files, though not fast like touchscreen, but I'll find it useful if I ever put ebooks or long trance music that could be like an hour or so long.
    - Like the size, a tad bigger than my Sansa Fuze, definitely thicker and heavier though. 3.5" by 2.25"~ and a little bit more than 0.5" thick.
    - Pretty clean sound, sound quality good.
    - Great for IEM, very good for low impedance Headphones.
    - Battery life one of the best I've heard for a DAP (20-30 hrs), though I'll have to check it out for awhile to see if it lives up to it but I haven't heard many people say otherwise. It goes really well with the Fiio to match it's battery life.
    - Got this design 'cause I LOVED it on my Sansa Fuze.
    - UI is decent, user friendly enough.

    Minor Dislikes:
    -It has no preset for bass in the EQ.
    -Unlike the incremental adjustments of the volume, the settings in the display options shows the same, but it won't let you fine adjust it like that. It just jumps. Like it's either 1 minute screen off or 5, can't choose between and so forth. Sort of don't like the misguided visual making me think I could.
    -There's no way to keyword search stuff like maybe if you remember a keyword in your song but you forgot who sung it etc. Not sure how other DAPs are in terms of this but I'd like it.
    - Wish the wheel was like the Sansa Fuze where the fast forward or go back can be done with simply just the click of the wheel.
    - Also same as above but with the volume, I sometimes change volume with the simple spin of the wheel, not too fond of the side volume button. I sometimes wash the dishes and listen to music and with the Sansa, I was able to spin the wheel THROUGH my pants to lower the sound. Guess I'll see how this works, but I miss my Sansa a bit lol.
    - Wish the wheel was a little more smoother and easier to roll around....like the Sansa lol. It requires a bit of pushing down to get some grip. I don't know why it gotta be stiffer, I don't recall ever accidentally rolling the wheel on my Sansa....
    - I don't like all of the buttons besides the power button being on the bottom. It's a bit congested in that area. Wouldn't have mind if the mini USB was located on another side.
    - Did not come with a screen protector, now I need to go get one and cut it up to protect the screen.

    So Overall, the DAP alone has plenty of power unless you use a higher impedance headphone. It should be more than enough for IEMs. Nice stuff.

    So am I happy with the purchase? I believe so. Happy level 8 out of 10. Glad I got the e12a on a good sale to go along with this.
    It almost felt like I was destined to get these two together, both of them being on sale at the same time. Gonna use the amp for smartphone too so.

    Now I can go deaf with style ehhhhhhh :weary::weary::weary: :boom::persevere::boom: :ghost:
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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  6. ForSerious
    I know this is an old post, but I've been looking to find a player that plays wma pro and has the ability to make a now playing list on the go. This one says it can do the wma, but can it do the add to now playing?
  7. 8o.ris
    I just signed up to thank you for this review so...thanks! :beerchug:

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