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New JH Audio flagship! "Siren Series Roxanne"

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  1. KimChee
    I have the beat audio cable..I havent been here in a while..
  2. ikilledversace
    *Account removed
  3. Imissroro

    Hi, can I inquire which beat audio cable are you using now?
  4. KimChee
    Oh yeah the Roxanne and JH16 are both end game CIEMs for me. That and the TF10 custom..I've got the MKV Silver Cable, I think it's in my signature if not..I've got a review of the cable on here somewhere..very possibly in this thread..I'm very happy with it..and at the time the only cables out were the Toxic Cables (price and wait), Beat Audio and some other generic cables since JH hadn't released th official connectors yet..I really do wish I had gotten to try out one of the pure silver DHC Cables and Whiplash Twag V2 always sounded great with my TF10 custom and JH16..but for the money I'll just let myself be happy with this one..
  5. flipper203
    where did you buy your beat cable?
  6. KimChee
    I ordered the cable from here it took about 2.5 weeks for me to receive it.....http://www.unique-melody.com/products/silver-sonic-mkv-beat-audio-premium-upgrade-cable?taxon_id=22

    Here's my review from a year ago..the cable was $199 shipped which was about what I wanted to spend..

    I've got about 150 hours on the cable now, and I plan to burn to 200, but I'm really glad I got this cable.  The treble definitely has more sparkle, extension, and presence.  The timbre sounds different too compared to the stock cable, more realistic and more treble energy imho (I prefer an energetic sparkly treble to a smooth laid back treble).  The mids sound about the same, still lush.  The bass, especially the low bass has increased significantly down low, and there is much more impact (I have the bass setting high).  The bass is much more punchy now, but still tight, with lots of headroom.  Sound stage is about the same, maybe a little more depth.  The thing I really like about the cable is that everything sounds more energetic.  It still has that big, full, thick sound, but it sounds more lively now.  There is also an increase in clarity.  My only complaint is that the cable could be more flexible.  It's not like the old solid core wire that Headphone Lounge used to make, but it's a bit "springy", which is more of a personal preference more than anything.  I have owned many of the top tier cables (Toxic Cables, DHC, Twag, etc), and to be honest I'm glad I went with the Beat Audio cable, I got the sound improvement I was looking for, and for a good price-$199 shipped, which helps because of the price of the Roxanne in the first place.  Hope this helps.    
  7. joshuachew

    Full Carbon Fiber Roxanne with black AK380 together with the accompanying amp.
  8. Gosod
    the photo looks great!
  9. KimChee
    Awesome set
  10. robm321
    Very nice! 
  11. Jarmel
    So had a somewhat confusing phone call with JH Audio and it seems like they're implying the custom Roxanne is 4th Order now too.
    Edit:I got clarification, they are 4th order now. Cool.
    svk7 likes this.
  12. Gosod
    which model has the best sound?
  13. ikilledversace
    *Account removed.
  14. Jarmel

    My customs definitely sound better than the universals. They sound a bit brighter and the sound seems cleaner. The universals could be a bit muddy. Don't have a problem with the customs at all.
  15. Toxic Cables
    We do have some cables with 2.5mm TRRS connectors ready to ship for anyone interested.
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