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NEW information on JH-3a

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  1. onecolorist
    If JHA doesn't have the working, updated jh-3a by RMAF, will they still show? Does anyone think they'll cancel?
  2. sling5s
    It's an opportunity still for many to hear the demo universal version of their JH13pro and JH16pro and for JHA to sell them on the spot.
    Let's face it, the JH-3A is a very very small niche.  Even for JHA, it's not their main bread and butter.   

  3. inthecity
    Anyone have Word?  Last confirmed update I read was from GG, early last week I think...
    It's Columbus Day,,, I imagine JHA is taking today off?? Tomorrow's Tuesday, likely another day off...
  4. tf1216
    While listening to the latest Head-Fi video this lands in my inbox...
    Here is the latest update on the JH3A… 
    Due to a 6 year-pending patent application that was filed during Jerry's ownership of Ultimate Ears and finally granted this past January, we have changed the format of the 3A Amplifier.  This has cost the project an intense amount of time and for that we apologize.  
    Please see below for the changes that have been made: 
    1. We have removed the active crossover from the amp and put it back into the earpiece.  This change allows the earpieces to be used without being married to the amp.  We have had many customers request this flexibility and we are happy to be able to offer it.
      1. (An 8-Pin to 3.5 mm male mini adapter is required.  With the adaptor, the JH16 may be used as a normal passive crossover earpiece and can be plugged into any source a typical JH16 would. There is no impact to the audio quality for either application.  We will offer the adaptor, with the price being determined next week.)   
      1. The 3A still has 3 internal amps (low, mid and high) driving the passive crossover components in the earpiece.  This allows us to EQ and delay each amp for the particular component in order to correct EQ and phase.
    2.  The 3A can run in either 2 amp mode (mids and highs) or 3 amp mode (lows, mids and highs) by switching between the B/M switch.
      1. In 2-way mode, the low end response is perfectly flat. In 3-way mode the bass response is +3db to +14db depending on the bass amp volume control setting.
    3. Amp stage is totally silent
    4. The analog input has been increased so the gain is closer to gain of the the digital input.

    We feel the changes that had to be made have improved the JH3A and we think that you as the consumer you will be pleased with its improved versatility. We appreciate everyone that has held on while this product has been in the development stage and we apologize for the long delay in this reaching you, the early believers in the project. The design of the JH3A is complete and it is an amazing product.  We will be showing the completed JH3A this week at RMAF and look forward to everyones feedback.  JH3A amps will start to ship the week after RMAF as soon as Jerry returns to the lab. 

    Thank you,
  5. MDH3
    This is a completely different product. It is not active and to that end cannot be any better than JH13/16 + CLAS +SR71B.
    The whole raison d’être was the advantage of active over passive.
  6. thread

    Is this what they meant to say? I assume the 3 sections are still driving the 3 sets of drivers discretely... and ... we don't have a passive crossover in the way? (Though I wonder how this is possible.)

    Isn't in the case that "active crossover" means the amping happens AFTER the crossover? I *know* they're not AMPING the signal in the earphones... so I'm not quite clear exactly what this all means.

    I have to assume they intend to say the DAC stage is totally silent, too.......

    Edit: Yeah, what MDH3 said. Is it even possible this ISN'T a step backwards in design?
  7. tf1216
    I am in agreeance here.  The beauty of the product was the active crossover section.  I don't know if the price justifies the means now.  The monitors should measure flat without the JH3A.  I'm hoping the product reviews nicely at CanJam because I am bummed thinking that this device isn't going to be what I was expecting.
  8. inthecity

    This is odd. The format of the 3A was changed because a patent was granted,,, last January?? Uhm, what the hell, why is something being changed now for a patent that is 10 months old?? What about the factory production? The old production 3A (with all the problems) was being newly produced,,, or was it?
    What a mess. More more more evidence, if naysayers are not convinced yet, to solidify a growing impression that this company is all over the map with decision making, communication, judgement, common sense, courtesy, design planning, production management, etc etc etc. 
  9. Br777
    wow, so the few that currently have the 3a now own a very unique product?  wonder how that is going to effect getting it serviced if they intended to send it back to have the noise floor adjusted or for any other reason...
    well, i got my molds for my UM miracles and sold my CLAS today.. glad to have the JH3A debacle behind me
  10. inthecity
    @TF1216 - what is the timestamp on the notice you received??
  11. tf1216
    4:18 pm
  12. wsilvio
    I'd like to know more about this patent issue.  It sounds like Ultimate ears may own this patent and to avoid being sued, JH had to change the device.  Just a guess.
  13. Python002
    Is it April fools day?
  14. Maxvla Contributor

    Only reason to get the set was the active crossover. Guess this makes my decision easier. I'm not going to get tied down with poor battery life with a JH3A component.
  15. Carlosfandango

    That's how I'm reading it.

    6 years ago Jerry thought up the concept and applied for patent UNDER UE. They have since pursued the granting of the patent after realising they own the IP for this type of product. It was agreed in January and UE have since been chasing JH to stop infringing their patent.

    Would go an awful long way to explaining the odd changes to the product spec, the supposed changes made by the factory and now the complete dumping of the original design concept.

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