New IEM for 20/30 bucks

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  1. Superluc
    Agree. They also are on the budget required by @nxnje
  2. nxnje
    Already tried Memt X5, still didn't like their imaging and their soundstage
    I ordered yesterday a pair of KZ ZS3, heard many good things about em, i'll post my impressions as soon as they arrive.
  3. agnarr
    AM800 maybe?
  4. Superluc
    Between the tips provided, have you try on them the double flange with the bigger hole ?
  5. nxnje
    Zs3 arrived yesterday
    After 3 hours burn-in (not enough anyway) i find them perfect for me.
    The fit is a bit hostile in the first moment but they're really comfortable to wear as soon as you keep them for a few min.. just time to get habitude
    Sound is well balanced : lows are so good.. never heard a sub-bass sounding so good in a cheap headset like this. Mids are balanced and never outperformed by the basses. The only thing i have to complain is that treble is a bit too much emphatized in my set, but after listening yesterday and today, i felt things are going better.. they were more balanced to day.. maybe they just need more burn in.
    Actually, i'm really curious about trying ate, atr and i think i'm gonna buy zs6 as soon as i have 30 free euros to spend.
    I even had the chance to try rha ma350 in these days from a friend : happy i didn't buy them.. their cable just ruins listening experience even if u use the cable clip.
  6. JK1
    The Soundmagic ES18 is good if the Soundmagic E10 is above your budget. Those who have both say they sound almost the same. The E10 has a metal enclosure
    and better cable, while on the ES18 the enclosure is plastic. I have the ES18 and like it very much. The ES18 also has a smaller enclosure. Some claim the E10 is too
    large for their ears. The ES18 is rugged enough for me.
  7. Superluc
    Consider eventually to buy one of the KZ upgrade cable. Microphonics are lower on the ZS3 because you worn them with the cable around the ear, but with one of those cable they goes away completely.

    Anyway, i'd advise you. Treble's quality on ZS6 is better but they are more emphasized than on the ZS3.
  8. harry501501
    Yes, from what i have read the KZ ZS5 and 6 are very emphasized in treble. Glad you are liking the ZS3 but for me it's probably the most uncomfortable IEM I'm ever wore. in fact, there's no probably about it... IT IS! Horrible to get positioned right and even slightest movements can throw the sound off.

    Both the ATR and ATE have a much more smooth mid range and overall sound. I find the ZS3 a little dull in comparison. All three have similar soundstage. The ZS3 is def more balanced than the other two tho. ATR/ATE are more fun and engaging and treble is rolled off but still has decent detail. They are also both much more comfy than the ZS3
  9. harry501501
    I still think you'd like the Xiamoi Piston 3 and it's cheap as chips!
  10. harry501501
    Maybe look at sets from tennmak. You might like the Tennmak Pro actually.
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