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New iBasso Portable Amp/DAC: iBasso D14 "Bushmaster"

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by cotnijoe, May 12, 2015.
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  1. phthora
    :anguished: What have I done!?

    Would that have worked from a phone? Or just from the computer?
  2. west0ne
    Not sure about iPhone but with Android you can draw charge from the phone, although this may vary from device to device. Obviously this will place an extra drain on the phone battery. Some phones may just refuse to charge as the current draw may be too high.
  3. west0ne
    Of the two I would say that the D14 sounds better, has more power and is the more fully featured device, however it is quite 'chunky' which means it may not be that suitable for fully portable use with the S6 (it won't be fitting in your pocket stacked), it is also a battery powered device and when using as DAC/Amp it will only give you around 7 hours of use on a single charge. The Dragonfly is a very portable device and you won't have to remember to charge it.

    Have you considered the Oppo HA2 as it probably provides a more pocketable solution when stacked with the S6 and will also work with the laptop.
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  4. Chimera405
    I had considered the Oppo HA2 before, but it is out of my budget. What would you think about the upcoming Shanling M3s, does it worth the wait ?
  5. FredrikR
    I have a question, and yes, I am technologically challenged...

    I bought the D14 a couple of weeks ago and I mainly use it with my Samsung Galaxy S7 when I travel to and from work.
    I'm starting to hear a very annoying "cell phone noise" buzz.
    The noise is becoming more frequent and it gets louder if I touch the volume knob.

    If I unplug the USB the noise is still there.
    I've never heard it when I connect the headphones directly to the phone.
    I've never heard it when I use it at home (which I don't do a lot).
    So, probably some outside interference that affects the D14?

    Is there something wrong with mine and should I get it replaced?
    If no, how do I get rid of the noise?

    Thankful for any help...
  6. ceemsc
    Not so new now....I see from the Ibasso Website that the D14 Bushmaster has officially been discontinued!! :triportsad:

    Although the P5 is the current non-module Ibasso separate headphone amplifier, was hoping for a D16 - ASP which would be a DAC/AMP version of the DX200 DAP + selectable AMP1->3->5 output settings along with similar high quality materials & looks.
  7. kkl10
    Does anyone know how the sound of this compares to the Teac HA-P50?
  8. Dorokun
    How does this compare to the oppo ha-2? As both of them have lean sound signature and similiar price point.
  9. fritz1234

    Broken. I have 5 iBasso headphone amps, including the D14; zero noise. Some of the best portables made.

    Should be no noise with any IEM, or headphone. So, short of something unknown to me, it is malfunctioning, which I know seems unlikely (I would be very skeptical, but it happens). Email iBasso for possible repairs, etc.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  10. blackberriesandthinkpads
    Can anyone comment on the treble brightness and burn in?

    One reviewer stated the treble significantly tones itself down after a 50 hour burn in, is this true?
  11. peter123
    Fwiw I've never experienced burn in on any electronic devices, the D14 included. That being said I also don't find the treble on it bothersome in any way.....
  12. openbaffle9978
    This looks like it has plenty of power to drive a pair of HD650s. Might be a good alternative to some of the other small Dac/Amps available.
  13. eclein
    Hey guys, old head here trying to use my D14 as USB DAC for my Macbook Pro....can someone point me too the USB driver needed for MAC OS latest version?
    I pluggged usb out of MBPro to USB in on D14 (selected USB input) then connected line out to my little SMSL BT amp (with REMOTE!!!!!) and tried in settings to change sound output selection but there is nothing to select except default one playing.

    Im 60, retired drummer trying to make this work what am I missing????
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