NEW HIFIMAN Susvara Unveiled!
Jun 3, 2024 at 12:36 PM Post #33 of 919
They should be marginally easier to drive than OG sus. The impedence went from 60 ohm to 45 ohm and sensitivity from 83 db to 86 db. Will still need a good amp to drive but the barrier to entry should be lowered somewhat. Unfortunately thats offset by the increased price of the headphone itself lol
Jun 3, 2024 at 1:52 PM Post #35 of 919
The new Susvara unveiled made me think of this post from back in 2019.

The custom susvara with no grill. I wonder if that sparked an idea that eventually became what we see today?

Anyhow, aesthetically at least I've gotta say its a bit disappointing. I was kinda hoping we would see an all new shape. At the same time, I guess if it aint broke, don't fix it? Maybe they could release an all black version. Black frame, pads, headband, even that would look better, IMHO. Still, I hope I can get my ears on a pair at some point.

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Not a fan of the brown/tan earpads/headband.
It's not a huge deal to swap head straps, and I'd wager the Susveila's is identical except for color. I'm less certain whether the pads are interchangeable. Has that question been answered somewhere?
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As I understand the new design, HFM is expecting users to cover the grills when not in use? That's an accident waiting to happen. I wonder how warranty claims will be addressed from inevitable damage from this design decision. I'm also with others here -- my initial impressions are I'm not crazy about the design (esp the vulnerable open-grill approach), the price, and perhaps most of all, the driveability, which is still a barrier. It's what's keeping me from looking seriously at the current Susvara. I wonder why they can make the very amp-friendly HE1000se and yet after 7 years since the Suvara OG was released, not figure out how to make a significantly more amp-friendly new Susvara?
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The colour is a bit boring in that 1970s brown.

At least they got rid of the cheap ass wood effect.

We'll have to see what they can deliver.
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well, not sure what to make of this. As if they didn't know the first susvara was too harmonious. this is like hd800s and its absorber. well tweaks work but still, for the doe, can sus go from harmonious to dynamic and exciting/
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They always start the price sky high and then when it comes down to $3800 you feel like you stole it. I had the Audivina for 3 weeks and at $2,000 I knew it wasn't worth near that. I've had most of their line and I think the Arya Stealth is the best one. Can get one open box with 18 month warranty from them and really get an end game headphone without a 2nd mortgage. I was minutes away from buying a Susvara until I saw the review and measurements on ASR and those plans got cancelled. Have to see how it measures, maybe Mark at Hifiman will send Amir at ASR a pair to check out. That would convince a lot of people at this price.
You didn't buy Susvara because of measurements from ASR?
Jun 3, 2024 at 3:53 PM Post #44 of 919
Big fan of the OG Susvara, but honestly, you can't improve a headphone soundwise, raise the price, but make around 3 steps backwards in design. That's a no go. If I am paying a premium price, I expect nothing less than premium in every single aspect of a headphone.
Jun 3, 2024 at 3:53 PM Post #45 of 919
Not that it matters a lot, but the official price is pretty much exactly the same as for the Susvara at release if one takes inflation into account.

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