New Hidizs AP200 double DAC Android-based smart music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by crabdog, Mar 6, 2017.
  1. mbwilson111
    I have not found one either. I have only had mine for a week but I have been slowly reading through the earlier pages of this thread plus I have been keeping up with posts that have been made this week. I remember reading a few earlier ones that indicate that there is currently no line out switch in the options but that one is being worked on. I hope that is true and it will be available in the next firmware update.

    I would love to be able to run this through my tube amp. I currently use my Opus #1 or my Cayin N3 for that purpose. I think the AP200 is just as worthy of being put to that use.
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  2. DjBobby
    No line out yet. You can read Hidizs' response here: Post #1552
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  3. miabadph
    I see. I hope they can update it soon. Thanks
  4. Kervsky
    I don't think it's implemented yet, though it should be available on low gain and selected through the same icon for internal or dac option (drop down menu and lower right icon) - at least, thats my guess.
  5. oliwek2
    Hi. Sorry to come back this late with this quote.
    About 4. Why not set it to 0.5x (the setting I put usually for my android phones) ? Is there a specific reason ?
  6. Kervsky
    That 4 is the multiplier, x0.5 is making your screen transitions 50% slower vs x1.5 which makes animation/screen transitions 50% faster than normal.
  7. reeza
    Unfortunately there isn’t one yet. According to @Hidizs Hk it’s coming in a future firmware update. So maybe never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    EDIT: Sorry, just noticed this was already answered.
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  8. oliwek2
    Thanks for your reply. This is not however how I understood this/these setting(s) : 0.5x or 1x or 1.5x is a delay for the animation (that you could also set totally OFF, so that you click on something and a new window opens, without transition animation), or the time given for the animation to procede, and not animation speed : read here for example :
    or here :
    On xda forums, usually with (admittedly faster SOC) android headphones, the advice is generally to lower it at 0.5x (for the 3 settings).
    Now it could be too much for the Rockchip SOC, and the lack of RAM in the device (contrary to Hidizs view on the necessary RAM for an android DAP). I don't know, this is why I asked.
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  9. jasonconcepcion
    Anyone have any luck connecting their AP200 to a portable amp? I'm trying to connect mine to a iFi Nano but to no avail. :frowning2:
  10. DjBobby
    Just read 7 posts back.
  11. 8481
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  12. The Ringing Guy
    They're looking for feedback and correspondence, but they won't reply to a lot of people's correspondence that are still waiting for their AP-200's, go figure.
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  13. glassmonkey
    My experience with small Chinese firms is they suck at optics. This looks bad. This is the kind of poll that should be emailed to distributors and happy customers. The designs also all suck. Yuck times 5.

    Bad communication is part of the deal when dealing with Chinese firms, it seems. I'm a backer on the Seiun Player IndieGoGo campaign, and whilst I think I'll still get the player, their hijinks and deceptive practices make Hidizs look like saints. I also backed a LH Labs campaign, but not the Wave.

    Crowdfunding for DAPs in my experience is a nightmare when you don't come prepared for delays. The Echobox Explorer had about a year in delays and people were ready to hang them at six months.

    Hidizs is at least in the middle of delivering to backers. The LH Labs Geek Wave still hasn't delivered, and the Echobox Explorer hadn't delivered at this point in the crowd-funding cycle. This one is already performing better than the Explorer. I choose to remain optimistic, but I've got no skin in the game.

    I understand how people who are waiting are feeling. I've been there. I've backed around 100 crowdfunding projects. Most were late. I just took delivery in December of a project that had 3.5 years of delays and another that had 3 years. The 3.5 year delayed one hadn't had an update in 9 months and then shipping just randomly started. The 3 year delayed project had regular communication. Crowdfunding too often requires copious amounts of patience.

    I really hope everyone gets their player soon. I don't think Hidizs will communicate better. Hang in there. I hope you find it worth the wait.
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  14. adn6244
    I also backed geek pulse and got it delivered at the end....but it's become a sore paper weight chuck in the corner. And from then I did not buy a single product from them even though they have good local retailer support.

    Hidizs will soon become the next LHlab. Sigh.

    I was about to ask whether DAC out is implemented guess it wasnt and probably doesn't matter anymore. I will wait patiently.
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  15. kenloveme
    Hi My value consumer

    We will update the USB out asap,
    And we will create a better experience foryou.

    If you have any questions,Pls feel free to contact us:

    Thank you

    From HIDIZS

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