New Hidizs AP200 double DAC Android-based smart music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by crabdog, Mar 6, 2017.
  1. citiboi
    Well, I ordered the AP200 128GB Rosewood model on KS. I LOVE my AP200. It pairs really well with my 64 Audio U12 and Senn ie800. It is great value for money and sounds incredible. Sure, it has some bugs and Hidizs could be more communicative but at least, they are releasing firmware in order to iron out the bugs. Given time, they will resolve all these bugs. If you read through the complaints in the comment column, only a handful of backers are actually complaining about the AP200. Most of the backers are actually complaining that they have not received their AP200.
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  2. WeirdG
    I have the same model. I used mine with Westone UM Pro30 IEMs and Beyerdynamic DT-770 (32-Ohm) headphones, and it sounded great through both. The bluetooth also work well for me when I paired it with a UE Mini Boom bluetooth speaker. I used the AP200 with the speaker a couple of times, without issue.
  3. adn6244
    There are other retailers that backers pointed out having the physical stock on display too!! Goodness!! Ya...really limited quantity.

    The credit should go to the community here. Not hidizs. Unless bug fix during the life span of a product is deemed going extra mile.

    Haha. I'm venting my frustration on hidizs who obviously doesn't care much. Sigh. Lesson learned.
  4. The Ringing Guy
    Yea which would lead to one conclusion, (especially since back in early November they said that they could produce 500-700 in a week) that they have been selectively scamming Kickstarter backers and scamming most of their IGG backers.

    It's an outrage, it's just a pity that those that have got their devices, don't join in the plight to help get their fellow community members the recourse they deserve by expressing their outrage to Hidizs in all of this as well.

    I'm happy your devices are working as they should, however I can't recommend anyone buying this device through Indiegogo.

    Look at the previous posts on here and you'll soon come to the realization of why.
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  5. emthered
    I was an IGG backer. My IGG order number was 146 and I ordered on September 11. I ordered the cheaper 32GB/Aluminum version for $269. Got email with shipping confirmation and tracking number on November 16. Finally received the unit on December 12. I think most of the backers that didn't get theirs yet ordered the Stainless Steel version. Hidizs said they were having trouble with C&C'ing this version. Still that's no excuse for the lack of communication. Around the same time I also purchased the Shanling M3s (similar price). And for me the M3s sounds better and has been bug free. But I'll be patient and wait to see if Hidisz can resolve the volume rocker issue (and others) before I put my AP200 up for sale. And when I do it will be for a fairly discounted price as I can't see selling this unit to anyone at full price with all of its shortcommings. I hope that a new firmware is on the horizon.
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  6. glassmonkey
    I think that a lot of what you are seeing here is a common Chinese practice that understandably makes some backers from elsewhere pretty mad. All the sales that you are seeing, for the most part are likely early releases for the Chinese market. A lot of Chinese companies just don't get that this isn't considered acceptible by crowdfunding backers to sell in China before backers get their devices or that crowdfunding campaigns are filled with backers who think that it's like ordering from Amazon. I think that it is likely that all these suppliers have been cut off from further stock, but Hidizs can't get the units back. It also might be the case that some b-stock is out there. I'm speculating, so feel free to ignore me.

    I think Hidizs has messed up, but I highly doubt that it is a campaign to defraud people. They gave a really short delivery time and have barely been late. Making accusations about a company scamming backers can be considered libel. I'd be really careful with that type of language--this isn't a threat or a warning, just an observation. I've been warned for using that type of language on HeadFi myself. I get fired up, too. You're new here, coming in and shouting at people about a company ripping you off when they haven't actually done that isn't productive for you in the community and certainly isn't pleasant to watch.

    Full disclosure: I was sent an 8GB aluminum unit to review at no cost to myself. I think it sounds pretty special for the price on IndieGoGo et al., but I have had some UI bugs and don't find 6 hours battery to be good enough. I'm also having some problems with WiFi. The device doesn't like some networks and likes others. It doesn't like my home network most of the time. I've informed Hidizs, but they didn't respond. I think they are pretty busy. I'm waiting to review until I see more firmware updates. The low-end on this device is potent. I can see why @Hawaiibadboy likes it so much. This really shows off what dynamic driver based headphones can do in the bass.
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  7. The Ringing Guy
    I'm hardly shouting at people here, what I am doing is making them aware of how this company is treating people that have already backed them. "Libel" yea that's a good one alright. Let's get down to the nitty gritty of all of this and see if it's libel or not.

    Honest companies treat you with honesty, that is to say, they will more than happily address any inquiries that you may have in a timely manner - You see nothing of the like with Hidizs.

    Honest companies don't tell you repeated lies, week after week, month after month - You see lies strewn across Hidizs's Kickstarter page and also their Indiegogo page, it's all there in black and white.

    Scammers tell lies, it's part and parcel of what it means to be a scammer - Hidizs have been promising their backers on both platforms in no uncertain terms that they would receive their tracking numbers with a certain timeframe. This has not transpired, when asked about it by not just one person or a few, but many, what did they all get in return? Silence.

    Honest companies don't delete your comments of concern on their public Facebook pages, they address them by whichever way they can - Hidizs on the other hand delete them! This has happened on several occasions.

    Honest companies ship their products when they say they'll ship them and on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo they are also obliged to provide you with a tracking number as is part of their terms of use, using those platforms - Hidizs have only supplied tracking numbers to a select few on Kickstarter and to not even one backer on Indiegogo, people on Kickstarter have reported that they got their AP-200's with no tracking number and no notice from Hidizs. Again when Hidizs have been queried by multiple backers as to where their tracking numbers are, they are once again met with silence. Their excuses of delays have also ran out, so there can't be any problems in that regard. Production is finished and they are capable of producing upwards of 500 units a week since the start of November last, their words not mine.

    Scammers pull this same trick too, they're all talk when it comes to previewing what they think it is that you want, when they get what they want from you (your money), and you're looking for your end of the deal after giving them what they were looking for, you're met with guess what? Silence.

    This is a recurring theme being played out on not just their Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms but through email and Facebook as well.

    If it's not scamming, please enlighten me then to what it is. I'm really all ears.
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  8. citiboi
    I WILL NOT defend Hidizs cos I really believe that they should be more communicative. Backers are also upset because Hidizs has made several promises about shipping but has failed to fulfill them. I was also quite upset with them as I was backer no 1xx on KS and received my AP200 pretty late. As such, I can empathize with you guys who are waiting impatiently for your AP200 to arrive. If it is any help, I did not receive any tracking information and received the AP200 out of the blue.

    That said, Hidizs has been in business for some years and has a couple of pretty successful models under their belt; namely, the AP60 and the AP100. They are a legit company and not scammers. Their shipping logistics is probably crappy and they are still shipping the AP200 to KS backers, so the IGG backers will have to wait further. Hang in there as your AP200 will arrive sooner or later. What I can tell you is that your AP200 will be worth the wait. With the latest update, my AP200 is working very well. Everything from WiFi to Bluetooth to the hard buttons work as they should.
  9. The Ringing Guy
    I'd really like to know what kind of numbers we're talking about here, how many backers are still waiting.

    I also take back what I said about not one backer from Indiegogo has received their tracking number, when obviously there has been one person here that said they got one, I'm happy to address this mistake.

    I would understand if there was crappy shipping logistics involved in this, but that's not the case, it's repeated broken promises that's the issue here, or lies that they are commonly known as.

    It's the continued lies and their silence, which obviously the latter is very rude and the former has made me lost any faith that I had previously in this company.

    Watching it all play out over multiple platforms hasn't put my mind at ease either. I am a fan of their AP-100 and that's why initially I backed them, but now what trust I had in them as company has been eroded to the point of no return. I'm not taking this personally because I know that there are many more people in the same boat as I am, and seeing this also is why I need to jump ship fast and not wait around any longer to the point of my chargeback terms running out and then there'll be no recourse at all for myself in any of this.

    People are sick to death of hearing Hidizs's next excuse and they've told them so, so now we've entered the silence phase. Total blackout awaits for those not brave enough to do something about it, and for some, or most, it's already too late and all they can do is hope and pray that they get something from Hidizs.

    Anyway it's been another somber day for me with no replies from anyone involved with this campaign, all there's left in the immediate future is the new year, so I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a very happy, peaceful and prosperous new year! :v::slight_smile:
  10. oliwek2
    Hi. I'm a kickstarter backer for this DAP. 128gb stainless steel rosewood. Recieved mine late. Tracking number arrived just a few days before delivery (the item had left UK then on its way to Belgium).
    Quality of the hardware really good. But a 64gb microSD card was missing. Many bugs and features not working, as USB audio out.
    I have never recieved any answer to any of my emails and messages to them. Frustrating.
    You will recieve your device but communication and support so far is... pityfull.

    Do you have some links showing that repair or battery replacement is so uneasy with this device ? Where does this glue comment come from ?
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  11. The Ringing Guy
    Glue is what usually keeps thing like this together, the battery is not replaceable, unless they're sending out units that have replaceable batteries, that's news to me.

    In the future you might find someone that will be able to replace the battery, you might even be able to do it yourself, almost everything is possible after all, but as it stands these are units that held together within a metal frame, unless there's screws that you can remove from the outside of the frame to get into the electronics and battery then it's safe to say that it's the components that are held together within the frame by some form of adhesive, be it glue or silicone or any other type of adhesive.

    It's not a matter of how difficult it is to get into the unit to replace the battery, it's putting it back together again is what's the difficult part. Anyway by the time the battery runs out you'll more than likely want to upgrade to newer technology, most companies nowadays don't put in replaceable batteries because they want it to become obsolete so you purchase more from them.

    Sorry I don't have any videos for you to enjoy. I hope you get everything fixed with your player though!
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  12. The Ringing Guy
    While I'm back here, sorry but I can't seem to let this go without some form of response in my defensive.

    What's not productive for me, is a matter of opinion and you're entitled to your opinion, but wouldn't it be more productive for you to support your fellow community members rather than make frivioulus remarks as to whether their own remarks are pleasant enough to your own eyes?

    Making false statements here about your fellow community members isn't productive either, but that's just my opinion and I'm entitled to that whether I'm new to this forum or not, but yea thanks for offering up your marginalization towards my newness here , it makes me feel all the more welcome here.
    They haven't ripped me off yet, but aren't they in the process of doing so? Oh the falseness of it all.

    Three weeks ago they said "We're sending all Indiegogo backers their tracking numbers within the next week".

    Nobody that backed them on Indiegogo has heard from them since.

    I have an offer for you! Would you like to put up the cost of their player ($339) You send me the cash, and I'll let my chargeback T&C run out, then if they send me the device that I paid up front for, I'll send you back your money, how does that sound?

    I would love to hear back from you if you're willing to take me up on my offer to you :grinning:

    I willing to go out on limb here and "presume" that you won't take me up on my offer, but I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again, It might be my gut instinct, but I can't visualize you taking that sort of financial risk for some reason(s). :thinking::sweat_smile:
  13. emthered
    I was Indiegogo order #146. Placed order in September. Received on Dec.12.Just took this photo for proof. Please let cooler heads prevail. Hopefully you'll get yours soon. I'm sure Hidizs has someone monitoring this thread and will take notice.
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  14. The Ringing Guy
    I do hope that you're correct, because they've been taking no notice of any of my communication with them so far. ie, Indiegogo, both private messages and public messages, then CC's through messages to admin on Indiegogo, Facebook, private and public messages and also every single email account that I've seen from them.

    Good to know you got your device and were a backer from Indiegogo, but all the same, if you say you're going to provide something to your investors, you don't go missing for weeks on end, with zero communication to everyone else that hasn't got anything, so yea that's still very worrying all the same, and not very trustworthy.
  15. glassmonkey
    Hidizs has messed up on communication in a way that is supremely common on crowdfunding. Delays are common and manufacturer comments are not contractual obligations.

    I was trying to be polite and defuse the tension in here.

    I hope your player arrives ASAP. For everyone else, I hope your player arrives quick if you are still waiting. I'd also like to warn everyone that more delays are likely with Chinese New Year coming up. I hope they don't happen, but I've been through this game before. I told Hidizs I thought their delivery schedule was too ambitious, but they are rookies at crowdfunding and are making the same mistakes as all their predecessors.

    I chalk most of the complaints here up to inexperience from both parties.
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