New here, trying to decide on headphones to bring to college.
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Jul 30, 2010
I'm going off too college in a few months, and want to bring headphones along for those times when my roommates don't want my speakers to be on. I'd prefer to spend under/up to $100, but of course, if you have a good suggestion that is a few dollars over, feel free to post it. I don't have any particular requirements in terms of open/closed headphones, over ear/in ear; all I want is comfort, and the best sound quality based on the kind of sound I prefer. 
I listen to a lot of trance and electronic music. However, I also enjoy rap, funk, jazz, folk, indie, and other genres. Aside from a good overall sound quality, I'd like headphones that have a good amount of bass. They don't have to be overpoweringly bassy, but I'd like them to have a decent amount of bass without the need to EQ it up too much. In terms of the bass, I suppose that punch is more important than extension, but it'd be great if the headphones could hold an extended bass frequency at decent volume as well. All in all, I like a clear sound (alright if it's colored, as long as it's still nicely accurate) and good bass. 
I have a Sony 2.1 receiver with a 1/4" stereo output. Will this drive the headphones alright?
Thus far I'm looking at the Klipsch S4 and the Sennheiser HD 555 (which I hear doesn't have too much bass; could I EQ it up to a good level?). Are those good starting points?
If you guys have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it! Also if there's anything more I can do to describe the type of sound I want, please prompt me, thanks. 
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Feb 16, 2010
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Sounds like Audio Technica M50s might do the trick. FWIR they seems to tick all the boxes. Either that or some Ultrasones though they may be out of your price range.
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Feb 19, 2009

Those ATH M50's look like a good pair of headphones. The Shure's seem too high for my price range, though. 
I'm still very interested in the S4's. Anyone have experience with them?

My friend owns some S4. They're not very good, in honesty. Mostly just muddy. My $50 pair of PL50 sounded far superior.
If you can stretch your budget, I really would recommend the 840.

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