New here - looking for gear (IEM (<$100), headphone (<$180), DAC/amp (<$250)) recommendations
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Sep 19, 2019
California, USA
Hello All,

A little about me: I probably don't qualify as an audiophile by this group's definition, but I am looking to up my listening game in my office and on the go. I have about 1200 albums on CD which I have ripped to ALAC on a hard drive. My tastes are all over the map from classical to blues to industrial. almost nothing I don't listen to! I am not a "bass head". I have some persistent low-level tinnitus in both ears and some mild hearing loss centered around 6000 Hz in my left ear. I have Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers in my home office and SupremeFX (Realtek) S1220A audio on my MoBo. On the go, I listen to Spotify premium or my lossless albums (SD card) on my Sony phone that supports AptX HD and LDAC.

I'm looking for DAC/Amp/BT receiver for my desk. I'm looking hard at the Schiit Magni/Modi stack and the Topping DX3 Pro (which has the BT receiver too). My budget for these components is up to $250 total. What do you recommend?

I am looking for headphones for listening at my desk when I can't disturb those around me. I am looking hard at the AKG K553. I am thinking that, because of the wide variety of music I listen to, I should get something with a "flat" or "neutral" response curve. I figure I can EQ my music to my liking depending on what I am listening to. Is this right? What do you recommend? My budget here is up to $180.

I am looking for IEMs for when I am on the go. My budget here is up to $100. They must be able to be driven by my phone without an amp, and they must have a shape and size that doesn't prevent laying my ear down on a pillow with them in. I am currently using Sony MDR-EX110 and Phillips SHE3580. What do you recommend?

Thank you all so much!

~ Jon

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