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New Headphones

  1. idotsuk
    Hi, I'm looking for a new pair of in ear earphones, primarily for running, but also for listening to music on the bus.
    I had the SE115 before, and when I wore them over the ears, my ears were sore after a few minutes because of the thick cable.
    I was thinking about getting the Image S4i.  Their sound quality matches my needs and they're light + they have that nice remote. They're 70$ on amazon
    My question is:
    Will I be able to wear them over the ears if I find out the tug noise is too much?
    Are they durable enough to withstand a lot of sweat?
    How are the UE 500Vi? 600Vi? superfi3? superfi 5vi? ue500?
    Do you have any alternative offers?
    budget is up to 100$
    Thank you very much!
  2. Yggdrassilious
    Sounds like your heart is already set on the S4is. I'd say try them out since you can always just return them. From time to time they go on sale for $50 so $70 is definitely overpay.
  3. jacobap100
    The monster turbines are about 80 bucks on amazon right now and they are far better than the klipsch s4
  4. Carsonwen
    The UE 500 is IMO the best for u. They have flat tangle free cord and have good sound.
  5. Selenium
    Yeah but he says he's going to be running with them...Turbines actually stay in better than you'd think despite the weighty housings, but I still wouldn't recommend them for running.

  6. vinland029
    i think it would be hard to go with running with music: probably one with the over ear fits like ue600? my experience with the s4 is that the cable isn't quite durable. i've seen friends go through 4 sets in less than 2 years during the warranty period.

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