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New headphone suggestion?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tjeco, Mar 6, 2013.
  1. tjeco
    Hello, I'm new to the hobby. first offs! hello head fi! :) and this is my first post, hopefully im in the right forum category :D
    I just bought a new White Marshall Major headphones which I'm using for music, which is great!
    I'm using it solely for the purpose of listening to Music, which is mainly Rock, classic rock. metal and the likes..But every now and then, I do enjoy a couple of rap and dubstep for a change, Im a basshead hehe :)
    Now, I'm looking to buy another headphones for watching movies, Im in a tight budget now, Im in the last year of college..
    I'm thinking of the Sennheiser HD 408.. And Im gonna be plugging it to my PC..
    Is that a good headphone for watching movie? the HD 408.. I just like to hear the explosions and the effects with a DEEP BOOM!
    plus, Im looking to buy an amp for it the fiio E3.. but thats not my prioroty right now..
    are there any similar headphones or better headphones in the same budget as the HD 408?

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