new HD650 trounces old HD650?
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Apr 7, 2006
I just took delivery of a new HD650 to replace my old HD650 (a little more than 5 years now). Wow, the new pair sound much better than the old! Better bass, smoother treble, more midrange presence, more integrated sound overall. Any ideas why this might be? I didn't think there had been any real design improvements.

I bought the replacements because one of the connectors in the old pair was getting flaky -- worked fine with the stock Senn cables, but spotty with my Cardas balanced cables. But comparing stock cable to stock cable, using just my Tomahawk, the new pair are head and shoulders better than the old. (Will try them balanced on the Blockhead later.)

Anyone think it would be worth it to send the old pair back to Senn for earpiece replacements?
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depends on the costs, but then you can resell them and make some profit.
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I would be surprised if Senn made some improvements to the 650 and didn't advertise them or release it as a HD655. I would guess what you're hearing is manufacture variation.
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Some say the older is more dark and muffled compared to the newer models. I do not know, as I have only heard the newer one.
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Originally Posted by Kabeer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Isnt it well known Sennheiser changed the HD-650, something about white insides. And a less veiled sound.

It's true.
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Can anyone please link an actual 'old' and 'new' HD650 insides?

I saw a pic somewhere some time ago but I just can't find it so far. :\
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I recall a huge thread about new and old style 650s w/pics. It was chalk and cheese.

My left connector was loose, I was told:
The outside grills can be gently pried off with a spoon. Inside where the plugs come in, you will find they make contact between the loops of a tiny coiled spring.
You will probably see when you insert the plug, that it's loose and not making good contact. Simply take a toothpick & push the coils closer together where the plug pin meets the coil.
They will be fine after that.

...except there is no evidence of a coiled spring in my 18 month-old ones.
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Tighter clamping headphones might be a factor. Like when you press on earbuds.
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I've bought 5 pairs of HD650 over the past 5 years or so (don't ask) -- 2 of the old type, and 3 of the newer type.

Anyway, I could tell they had changed immediately the first time I used one of the newer types.

And 2 more of them subsequently purchased, (all 3 purchased in the past year) confirmed that the SQ had indeed changed from the first 2 pairs.

The sound spectrum had shifted from the bass side, upward towards the trebles side. Same good mids, of course.

And, yes, they all had ample burn-in, before I made any decision about thier sound qualities, in every case.

And this stuff has been posted about, many times already, by many posters, in several other threads.
So, it's not just *my* opinion here.
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Well, bypassing anything SQ, it is quite plain to see Sennheiser have changed the, sonically? who knows.
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Originally Posted by Akabeth /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Can anyone please link an actual 'old' and 'new' HD650 insides?

I saw a pic somewhere some time ago but I just can't find it so far. :\

if you want a pic from the driver side, check apuresound's website the sennheiser mods section. But it is easiest to tell from the grille side, where the new one is a silver mesh and the old one is black plastic. I haven't heard the "old" hd650 but if the new one is less bassy than the old one, the old one must be bass monster. I don't hear the sennheiser "veil" so can't comment on that.
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Have you simply worn the old pair out?

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