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New guy here

  1. Mehgeh
    I need help from you pros out there
    I'm planning on buying myself a good pair of headphones and I'm stuck in between the ATH-SJ3 or the HD-428
    If you want to suggest something else in the same price range then sure
  2. ostewart
    SJ3 is very similar to the AKG K518 DJ, which is a good choice. Whats your budget? Source? Music preferences?
  3. Mehgeh
    I'd probably be maxing my budget out at $100. My song choices vary widely though, ranging from dubstep to blues to country to jazz
  4. ostewart
    well the AKG K518 Dj is a good choice. but other will be able to help aswell hopefully
  5. Mehgeh
    Thanks for the quick replies
  6. ostewart
    the AKG's are versatile, and sound amazing with drum and bass, electronica etc... And also sound good with nearly all genres. The shure srh440 are also good, but may lack bass for your musical preferences.

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