New Grado Phono Cartridges Part II
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Some observations on the new Grado Phono Cartridges... we like them!
Today we are going to look a bit into the Timbre Series from Grado Labs. We have a couple of comparisons on their mid priced lineup to help you decide which cartridge is right for you.
The cartridges listed below come in High and low Output versions as well as Stereo or Mono. There is a model for everyone.
We have also brought in Jelco Headshells for those who are able to use standard headshells on their tonearm. We can mount your new cartridge for you!
A comparison between the Opus3 and the Sonata3... from an audiophile friend.
We’ve been listening to the new Grado Timbre series cartridges for some time now. Specifically we’ve recently compared the Opus3 and Sonata3. Both units deliver a ‘newly improved’ Grado house sound. Overall one could describe this as an American take on cartridge voicing. The presentation is relaxed, organic, inviting, and musical. Resolution, dynamics, and frequency extension are excellent. The Opus3 appears to be slightly more lit up, while the Sonata adds a little weight and romance. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of these units is the ability to captivate the listener. Get ready for extended listening sessions.

This new cartridge from Grado Labs does far more than we expected it to. It remains true to the music pressed in the grooves in a very musical way! No coloration, no flavor - just great sound at a very affordable price.
Opus3 - $275

The Platinum3 takes it up a notch over the Opus3. Adding a bit of warmth and magic you get the new and improved Grado house sound. Kick back with your albums - relax and be immersed in the sound. The Platinum sounds effortless and makes listening very enjoyable.
Platinum3 - $400


We have long considered the sweet spot in the Grado line to be the Sonata. The Sonata3 has not changed our opinion! It delivers great sound at a very reasonable price. It is seductive and an easy listen bringing you closer to the music you love. It is great with good or bad pressings - softening the blow of a bad pressing yet able to deliver the goods from a great pressing.
Sonata3 - $600

TEAC TN550B with Grado Opus3


The Grado Opus3 in action on a TEAC TN550B turntable. You can buy this as a package or induvidual parts - the TEAC TN 550B, Grado Opus3 or Grado Platinum3 mounted in a Jelco HS-50 Headshell! Todd Stay updated on at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.

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