New from Garage1217, the solid-state Project Polaris!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by asr, Jul 7, 2014.
  1. Amish
    if LCD then the Polaris or Ember will treat you well with its 2+ watts.
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  2. joasjoas
    Can it work well with about DT 990 600 ohm? I'm between this or Magni 3
  3. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have the 600 ohm T1 and it works well with them.
  4. Renato Fury
    How does Polaris compare to Magni 3 ?
  5. joasjoas
    Does anyone use with the 600ohm dt990 or similar? I'm a rookie and I do not know how to correctly position the jumpers, or what position is recommended.
  6. Vu Chau
    I paired the 250-ohm version of the DT990 with the Polaris. Overall the sound was nice but it was a bit too sterile/cold (the Polaris did help a bit by adding a little warmth). There's no correct way for positioning the jumpers, you do it the way your ears like it. My configuration was: low bandwidth (to reduce that treble peak), mid gain, and high impedance (typically so for dynamic drivers).
  7. joasjoas
    Hi, I have it connected to the pc in a dgx, I'm with a dt990 600ohm, but I have to put it to the maximum volume, to enjoy the sound but I need more sound, I do not know what I'll be doing wrong, if someone can help me, the configuration.
    I have the amp to the maximum and the windows equal to the maximum
  8. Audio Addict Contributor
    I run the 600 ohm T1 G1 with the Polaris being fed from an Exogal Comet Plus which is fed by Roon from my media PC. I have no issues with volume and usually listen in the 10:30 range with both the Gain at High and the Output Resistance at High. I have found the critical is the output source and I have my Comet set at 96 for its digital volume level.
  9. bequietjk
    Finally found the reply link, hah! (just created a head-fi acc not 5 minutes ago)

    The Magni 3 was the first amp I had ever purchased, about 4 months ago. Not long after it came out.

    I wasn't too thrilled on the sound when I tossed my sr80e on it. On low gain I noticed the sound was fairly clear and the power was there, but it just didn't give me that kind of satisfaction I was looking for. On high gain it just seemed to rip my ears apart haha. I think with the sr80e being bright for starters and the Magni 3 just, well, being the Magni 3. It didn't seem like a good match. I looked elsewhere and came across the Polaris, and after forum scavenging and Ian's youtube uploads describing it I was sold. I had to return the Magni and get the Polaris.

    I would say in terms of power for my sr80e, it pretty much tripled in power and doubled in clarity, and there is definitely a certain warmth to it creating less fatigue (for me at least). For my SRH840 as of right now I'm going...

    Win7USB2.0 > Behringer UMC404HD > (XLR main outputs to RCA) > Project Polaris

    It sounds so good right now! It took me a bit to mess with the jumpers but finally for these shure cans, my choice setting is Low output resistance, Low gain, High bandwidth and no attenuation module (NoA jumper). I can't imagine what other headphones sound like. Right now I'm looking into the T50RP MK3's. Imo, these SRH840 are great but they are closed back and it definitely sounds like it haha. Hope this answers any concerns you have.

    On a side note, has anyone had any trouble pushing their T50RP's? What do you have the jumpers set to? If everything is good to go, then I'll also be good to go on selling my shure's :).
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  10. bequietjk
    Just got my t50rpmk3 in today and got 30 minutes listening time.

    They're pretty power hungry. My listening volume is at low resistance, mid gain at 2 o clock. They sound great, though.
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  11. irishsammy
    Just got a Polaris used. Putting it through its paces with 600ohm DT880's, HD600's, and Alpha Dogs.

    Sounds fantastic with 2 out of the 3. Very powerful and...uh...selectively neutral. Still listening to figure out the secret to the third set of cans...
  12. erein1982
    Very interested in a Polaris. How are you finding it now?
  13. ZenErik
    Will have one of these today along with a Horizon III. I plan on trying both and more than likely returning one. Will be used with the RME ADI-2 DAC and Auteur, HD650, and ADX5000. Pretty excited to try things out!
  14. bequietjk
    I'm going to be selling mine if anyone is interested. It's been great to me but I'd prefer something with speaker outs like the bas x. I cannot use the Trade forums so if anyone is interested I may be putting it on ebay.
    6 months use.
    Aggressive tuning.
    Aluminum and plastic plates.
  15. Tuneslover
    I have owned the Project Ember for about a year now and absolutely love it with Mimby in my bedside system. I have Bimby/Jotunheim in another setup and I just can't into that system. The Jot is a tad too bright for my liking and of course there's not much I can do about it. I have been debating about selling it and replacing it with a Project Polaris because from what I've read it has similar traits to the Ember and of course is just as flexible and configurable. As for the sound of the Polaris, is it "identical" to the Ember or is there a distinct difference in the sound?

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