New from Garage1217, the solid-state Project Polaris!

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  1. Vu Chau
    I have it set as low for HD 650. Everything (but especially the bass) becomes less tight, and the mid is just rounder. Bass becomes tighter and punchier with the high setting. Not sure of the technical explanation behind that.

    It works like water pressure, I guess. High pressure, stronger water current, and vice versa.
  2. mandrake50
    At the low setting the damping factor is greater. It means that the amp controls the driver better. On high the damping factor is lower... meaning, especially at the resonant frequency of the driver, the control is quite low. Meaning the driver probably overshoots more. This can give louder bass (usually the resonant frequency is somewhere around 50 to 70 HZ in an open back headphone). But that bass will not be as tight and controlled (in theory). Tighter probably not, but punchy, if you like mid bass (and that is "punchy to you), likely.

    It is just the opposite of what you said though. The amp will put out more power into the low setting than the high setting.

    Electically, the best situation is low. The amp puts out more power and has better control of the driver. Sonically, that is up to the listener... that is why the setting is there.
  3. Tunkejazz
    Here you have the effect of 0.1 ohm (green) and 120 ohm (purple) with HD650, measured by the designer of Polaris. This effect of course depends on the impedance of the headphones. The HE400i react differently. I normally have my HD650 in the mid-setting, but I also use a Chameleon filter, which makes this curve a lot flatter in the bass/subbass region.

    (source: )
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  4. mandrake50
    Interesting. But this is just frequency response. At that the difference is probably just noticeable. Often side to side measured differences are greater. But, it is better to look at distortion levels, especially when looking at the effects of damping factors.
    Yes the interaction of the amplifier with a dynamic driver is quite different than with a planar. The impedance of a dynamic can be all over the place, but especially it will change in a huge manner at the resonant frequency of the driver.
    A planar does not show that variation. For all intents and purposes it is a flat line. Because of this, the change in FR is almost certainly less pronounced.
    The effects of damping factor are more noticeable at low frequencies because of the large excursion required to produce them. But the distortion caused by less amplifier control over the driver can be seen over the entire range.
  5. Renato Fury
    What are they and what do they serve the bandwidth ?
  6. mandrake50
    If this is a question for me, I don't understand it.
  7. Renato Fury
    This question is for anyone who knows, answer me, if you know... Great, Bandwidth are those options where you have those jumpers on the left and right side of the LED light, what's the use ?
  8. mandrake50
    There was some discussion about the reasons for this setting earlier in this thread. It is a high frequency cut filter. I have always run it on high. Which basically means no filtering or reduction of bandwidth.
    IIRC the rationale was that some headphones/IEM can benefit from this. Again, I run it set to "high" and don't worry about it from there.
    This is one of those great things about the Polaris. It allows one to adjust it in many ways to make it sound good for you, to personalize the sound.
    Play with it. Nothing that you can change cannot be put back to where they were. You may find something that you like.
  9. Renato Fury
    Do you think Project Polaris is better with the Sennheiser HD 600 or 650 ?
  10. jamor
    Just received my HD 650 today. A little confused trying to determine what is the proper Resistance/Gain combination for this headphone when looking through the posts. Is it mostly personal preference?

    I will start on High-R/High-G since I heard these are hard to drive and it appears from the chart that there will be more Bass. I already have a TH-X00 so I don't need a bass cannon but I do like some bass. Ultimately just want as-intended though shy away from brightness. I keep BW on Low.
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  11. Renato Fury
    But then, was it worth the purchase ?
  12. jamor
    Yes they sound amazing. Rock/Live music is very intimate, warm, and smooth. Detailed, staged, layered. pretty impressive. Of course it's attached to a Modi 2 Multibit.
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  13. Renato Fury
    What do you mean when you use words like intimate and staged ?
  14. jamor
    I don't have a musical background so I just use words that come to mind when listening. Intimate like you're in a small venue with the band and you're really close.. Opposite of veiled I guess? Staged like I can pick out the location of each instrument/voice , left front, left back, middle, right back, right front.
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  15. kauljp
    I have the hd 650 and the he 560 and I am using the polaris with mojo as a dac. What amp should I get to future proof myself and get the best outta the headphones I currently got.
    As far as upgrades are concerned, I think I will be upgrading to planars like the lcd later on.

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