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New from Garage1217, the solid-state Project Polaris!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by asr, Jul 7, 2014.
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  1. HOWIE13
    It's hard to define the typical sound of G1217 tube amps as, besides tube rolling, they can be configured in so many other ways too to suit your sonic requirements.
    Polaris, unlike most SS amps, is also very configurable but it's underlying sound signature is closer to 'tube sound' than most SS amps.
  2. Bob A (SD)
    Which is why I like it so and why it was for me the right upgrade from the Vali 1.
  3. HOWIE13
    I'm very pleased Polaris was the correct upgrade for you.
    I see you have the HD600, I use them a lot too- perfect synergy with Polaris.[​IMG]
  4. rez11
    really about to order the aluminum case to replace my see-through version. anyone with the solid Aluminum cover can post a pic? [​IMG]
  5. k4rstar
    See my listing for some close up pictures [​IMG] Letting mine go, lovely amp but want to focus on my portable setup
  6. jamor
    Right now I have the Polaris paired with Modi Multibit & TH-X00.  
    Really love it.  
  7. iamxLn
    How's the bass punch with the modi multibit and Polaris?
  8. nk126
    And now I've moved into the lossless vs compressed music stage of my rabbit hole ... The same tracks really do sound better as local FLACs than streamed files, don't they? Yay, fidelity! Boo, tempted to buy more stuff!
  9. Tunkejazz

    To me lossy compressed music sounds softer than Flac. Hard to put the finger on individual aspects, but I can really tell when listening to, e.g., acoustic guitars. All my cds have been ripped to flac :)
  10. FatTeemo
    I just want to say that this amp sounds fine with my HD 800. I have it paired with a modi multibit and the HD 800 sounds noticeably better on it compared to my previous headphones (T50rp & modded HD 700). You can definitely notice the increase in imaging, detail, and soundstage abilities. I heard it for like 5 minutes on the bifrost and vahalla combo which sounds a bit fuller, but then it was only for 5 minutes so take that with a huge grain of salt.
    Edit: I am also listening to it with the superdupont mod and an impact audio copper cable that came with my purchase. I don't hear any treble issues or thinness. So far I am confused about why people think this is such a bright phone. On the other hand, the modi multibit, project polaris, superdupont mod, and copper cable all increases warm by a bit so maybe that's why.
    trellus likes this.
  11. vapman

    i used to get killer bass when EQ was used using a comparable DAC
  12. notfitforpublic
    Im being a little lazy here I know, but can anyone point me to a Canadian source for LED's for the Polaris (white or White/Blue)? Maybe a link?
    From what I gathered from this thread I'm looking for 1.9 - 3.2V 3/8"  LED's,  yes?
  13. FatTeemo
    Just my two cents. My HD 800 with superdupont resonator and stock cable sounds best with attenuation off, high bandwidth, low gain, and medium resistance.
  14. bixby

    uh, do they have google up in the great white north?  [​IMG] 
  15. HOWIE13
    Jeremy would sell you some, I'm sure.
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