New from Garage1217, the solid-state Project Polaris!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by asr, Jul 7, 2014.
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  1. Asr
    I'm subscribed to Garage1217's newsletter where they just announced their latest amp, the solid-state Project Polaris! Also mentioned on their Web site!

    Looks like it'll be a great amp, can't wait to try it out eventually.
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  2. ericr
    Interesting. I'm soooo happy with my Project Ember (also from Garage1217) though!
  3. richard51

    Same thing here, the Ember is the most versatile good sounding amp/preamp in the market.... The dissatisfaction with it is inexistant....So far i am interested  to listen the reviewer about the Polaris ... Because of the price, perhaps  the sound will be attractive too? One thing is for sure, Garage 2117 has good  reputation.... I am curious of the pairing of the Ember or the Polaris with the hifiman he6 or with the he 400i and the he 560.... I  will wait for that....
  4. ericr
    My HE-560 should be here on Wednesday or Thursday!
  5. micmacmo
    Happy Project Sunrise II owner here. I was tempted to step up and make a Project Ember amp to drive my HE-6 headphones. But when I saw the Project Polaris, I bit. I took advantage of the pre-order and hope to have it made sometime shortly after it arrives.  
  6. ericr
    Looking forward to your impressions!
  7. Amish
    I too saw this and was tempted but I just don't see the need as my Ember is fantastic.
  8. Soundsgoodtome

    Ooohh, we gonna have 2 HE560s at the meet on the 26th? I've placed my order for the Polaris and should have it along with the Ember just in time for the meet. [​IMG]
  9. vabch22
    I placed my pre-order for the Polaris also to go with my Ember. Jeremy is a great guy.
  10. ericr
    Yes, two it seems. Let's make running the HE-560 on the Polaris a priority.
  11. Soundsgoodtome
    I'm thinking of getting a Schiit Sys to be able to A/B the two as well as to be able to adjust with the passive pre-amp. The 560 will be there for sure.
  12. ericr
    Sort of hijacking this thread, but I can bring an Asgard 2 to the meet If you're interested.
  13. Asr
    I'm going to be getting a review unit of this in August. Looking forward to it. [​IMG]
  14. daerron
    Think the great advantage of the Polaris over the Ember will be its noise resistance. I liked the Sunrise 2, but it was very prone to picking up RF noise and I've seen people complaining about that as well with the Ember.
  15. DarrenLays
    How do you like the ember? Someone in the amp-recommendations thread for LCD-2's told me to get in contact with Garage1217 and ask if they could send me one as a demo, since I was in the market for a new amp.
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