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New Flagship from Audio-Technica: ATH-W3000ANV, 50th Anniversary Headphones

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by hellohell, Oct 13, 2011.
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  1. HelloHell
    To all the ATH fan out there, Audio-Technica has just released their new flagship headphones today: ATH-W3000ANV
    their 50th Anniversary model and the top model of the W Series, with a limited production of 2000 worldwide. Price hasn't been settled yet, but don't expect them to be less than $1200. No info on their availability to the US.
    FYI: http://www.phileweb.com/news/audio/201110/13/11290.html (In Japanese)
    13_W3000ANV_big.jpg                                   13_W3000ANV_makie_big.jpg
    Along with the headphones, HA5000ANV, a new model of headphone amplifier specially designed for the ATH-W3000ANV has also been released.
    AT-HA5000ANV_big.jpg                                   13_AT-HA5000ANV_big.jpg
  2. tk3
    There is a thread about this in the general forum as well.
    The estimated price is 100.000 yen for the headphones, launch date is 18 November.
    Certainly the products look pretty as usual, but they don't seem all that different from the usual releases.
    Which is kind of too bad in my opinion, as I was hoping for something spectacular for their 50th anniversary which is quite a milestone after all.
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  3. wind016
    OMGGG... ughh.... ohhh....
    So it's like an exposed version of the L3000?
  4. K_19
    Reminds me of my ESW10JPN, it does.
  5. HelloHell


    It looks almost identical to my W11jpn...
  6. Audio-Omega
    They look nice !
  7. TheOtus
    OH MY GOD! I need those... Well, even that I have the money, with my luck I'll never get one. xD Could be that they're not worth the money, but they're SO PRETTY! Wonder how it's different from W1000X. If those have a new driver, then possibly much. Constructions seems much alike externally, which is of course expected.
    EDIT: Seems like there's a chance for a pre-order at many japanese stores. I'm so close to place an order through PriceJapan.com... :O
  8. vcoheda Contributor
    every year ATH comes out with a new headphone that looks and sounds almost exactly the same as prior models.
  9. kostalex
    I am curious about drivers used.
  10. dyl1dyl
    Cool, but pricey. Will be interesting to hear more on these.
  11. akabane@drjackel
    Price is like my W2002 when they launch......
  12. Bones13 Contributor
    Polished the wood on the W5000, and used the newer headband.  Amp is a polished wood version of the previous?
    Looks pretty though.
  13. Audio-Omega
    I guess it doesn't replace ATH-L3000.
  14. kostalex
    I hope it does.

  15. danne
    Audio-technica still does the best looking wooden cups out there, the finish is just sublime.
    I really hope they bring up their sound to the same level as their looks.
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