New Fearless S8F Owner... Looking for the perfect DAP
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Jan 17, 2011
Huntington Beach, CA
Hey Guys,

I just got my beautiful new S8F's and I want to pair them up with the perfect DAP. Sound Quality (obviously) and Streaming are important to me... I want a DAP that helps with sub & mid-bass while helping remove some of the treble harshness.

DAPs I'm looking at:
Hiby R5
Hiby R3Pro
iBasso DX160 (a little pricey)
Plenue D2

Let me know which DAP you think is the best... or if you know of a good DAP that's not listed, please mention it! :)

Thank you all fo the help,
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Have you considered the Fiio M11? It is a warmer sounding DAP and I think in the price range of your suggestions.
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This is an older thread but I got my S8f about 3 months ago and I really enjoyed them, but you do need a warm source to calm down the treble. I use the Hiby R6pro, it does this very well and overall a smooth presentation. I haven't even thought about getting anything else. Can't afford to ha ha.

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