New Esoteric P-05/D-05
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Aug 22, 2002
The P-01 and the earliest X-01 and UX-01's all share the same transport. The P-03 unit is a later development and in no way superior to the original NEO as can be seen by the build quality, design and that Esoteric refuses to sell it to anybody but the cheaper transport is available as an OEM unit. I tend to believe those that work on these players every day rather then the marketing department at Esoteric which is never going to admit that they are using cheaper transports.

I'm sure that the D2 is a better player since most of the design after the transport of the X-01 is questionable at best and measurements will show that. What we are after is the transport alone as all of the stock Esoteric processing is thrown out so it's only the output of the RUR buffer that matters.

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