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New: EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by radsone, Aug 1, 2019.
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  1. KevDzn
    es100 really changed my perception of bluetooth audio. Never have I heard such stellar hi-res audio wirelessly.
    The HE100 with its single hi-res dynamic driver should be a no-brainer choice to pair with the es100. Two Thumbs Up!
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  2. Pawelekdabek
    I am looking forward to these earphones. I would like to finally finish looking for the perfect iems for the perfect portable set, and these earphones look like they were made for this purpose.
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  3. Himas
    Company which gave us ES100 is bringing new IEM. I'm all ears. As driver fights continues (More and more drivers) may be they pulled off the perfect Single DD IEM. Love to hear
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  4. weexisttocease
    I'm a happy ES100 user, it's just an amazing piece of kit. It has his flaws (plastic case) but when it comes to sound quality it's unbeatable. And best part it's the companion app and customer support, superb.

    I'm expecting the same audio quality from the HE100 and an excellent combination with the ES100. And please give us a ES200 sometime soon.
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  5. b.m.brooks
    For me the ES100 is the perfect grab and go device, quality audio device. Doesn’t matter if I am just doing errands around the house or commuting to work, it goes and sounds great.

    I am hoping the HE100 adds to the same experience. Start with great sound; add in long term comfortable fit, cables that don’t annoy and solid built quality.
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  6. HungryPanda
    I'm actually annoyed as I'm away for two days and left my ES100 at home after charging it up.
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  7. giveawaywinner
    Given the design details I expect higher fidelity in sound representation than conventional designs, especially in the higher frequency spectrum. I don't own an ES100, but given that my current Sennheiser IEM gave up yet again, I could really use a new pair of quality headphones.
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  8. CardigdanWalk
    I remember waiting forever for the ES100 to come to amazon UK, I ended up having to get one imported from America as I couldn’t wait!

    But it was worth it, to hear things in songs I never heard before!

    Please, will you release to amazon UK at the same time!

    My expectations on HE100 are Radsone are going to do what they do best, make music come come alive!

    Fingers crossed you make a short cable / 2.5mm / changeable cable version for us ES100 users!

    Thank you Radsone!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  9. MRM22
    These should produce clean and light treble along with crisp bass. I can’t wait to hear them! I wonder what sound signature they went with? I hope the ES200 is coming soon as well.
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  10. ciber
    I will compare this to my collection: Sennheiser IE8, Shure E4C, Sony e552, Hifiman re800 and re2000.
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  11. durwood
    I hope these extend in both areas of the spectrum low and high without being overbearing too much mud or overly bright but with the right amount of clarity if it truly extends breakup modes. I want a little rumble with my top end air.
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  12. Sidorian
    I bought the ES100 for it's multi uses in my listening routine: as a USB headphone amp that provides the extra juice for my Beyerdynamic Custom Studio 80 Ohm at my office, making some cheap earphones sounds way better while cutting grass, or adding high quality bluetooth streaming to my old stereo receiver.
    Can't wait to try these out on the ES100 as it should be well crafted match, always wanting to find high quality sound under the $100 budget.
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  13. Wiljen
    I'd like to see the HE100 buck the trend of elevated bass and go with a truly balanced presentation with mids in equal proportion to mid-bass, maybe a slight emphasis on upper-mid/lower treble for vocal clarity, and good high end extension without becoming overly bright. Oh, and a short cable option.
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  14. NeoteriX
    I've been really impressed with the thoughtfulness and passion that went into the engineering of the ES100. Even though I'm currently using it with significantly pricier IEMs, I'm really curious to see how a value-oriented, yet specifically paired DAC/IEM combo compares, especially as designed by the talent behind the ES100.
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  15. radsone
    [Giveaway Winners]
    Thank you all for your expectations for HE100 and participating in the event.
    It was very difficult for us to choose only 10 of you so we are giving 20 HE100 away! (It was still difficult to choose only 20 though:cry:)

    :sparkles:Congratulations to all winners:sparkles:

    @Lunar Eclipse

    *Please DM me with your shipping information(Full name, Address, Contact Number) until August 19(Mon) 23:59(PST).

    HE100 will be launched in Amazon.com very soon. Please stay tuned!
    EarStudio Stay updated on EarStudio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/radsoneinc www.twitter.com/radsoneinc https://www.radsone.com/earstudio support@radsone.com
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