New earbuds (repost)
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Feb 26, 2006
Well, I wasn’t really satisfied with the answer I got before so here is another post.
I listen mostly to rock (all kinds of rock) and metal and I’m in search for some good earbuds for that kind of music. My price rang is up to max 215 $. Recently I bought the Etymotic er6i and for my taste it wasn’t truly satisfying. I can also mention if it helps that I love the sound of Sennheisers HD500, these aren’t earbuds, but maybe it would help a bit in what type of sound I’m looking for. The only earbuds I have looked on is the Ultimate Ears 5Pro and the West Westone UM1, are these something to consider in the rock/metel genre? Would really appreciate and kind of help because I’m really new to earbuds and I’m having a hard time deciding what to buy. I don’t really want to be disappointed again.

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