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New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by brent75, Apr 21, 2016.
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  1. Duncan Moderator
    a hack maybe, but then it would be breaking it's own purpose (power efficiency)... Maybe a new colour could be released that isn't power efficient that would get around that
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  2. pinoyman

    Thank you very much for that helpful input.
    Im just measuring if there is something else that would be an alternative or something that would better mojo in its price range.

    You mean, for the red to be really appreciated, you needed to pair it with an amp? Did i get it right? Straight as standalone wouldnt it be good already?

    Also theres the astrapi and aegis who rivals this in its class.

    Sorry for asking, but i plan to let go of my mojo and use the money for an iem upgrade, for additional fund IF, and only IF the red is at the mojo's level of siund quality.

    My set up now is:

    FIIO X3ii in crystal cable to CHORD MOJO.

  3. leaky74

    It was fine unamped (the Nighthawks are easy to drive though), but adding an amp just helped add a bit of punch etc
  4. leaky74
    For what it's worth; I forgot to mention I'm using a Jitterbug between MacBook and Red -> what I would say is it's effect seems more noticeable with red than the mojo.
  5. brent75
    A few pages back, several of us had that very discussion -- check it out by starting here and advancing several replies.
    A week later after lots of listening, I hold the same opinion that I did on day 1 when I made that post: I personally can't tell an audible/discernible difference between Red and Mojo. There might be plenty of measurements and tests that indicate a difference...and I'm sure plenty of other users say they can hear a difference...but if I'm being completely honest, I cannot.
    On top of that, the convenience offered by Red really puts it over the top (in my opinion). I've already had one instance with Mojo when I came back and was looking forward to listening to music, but after one song it shut down (dead batter). Never, ever having to worry about battery/charging (plus the tiny form factor) is so awesome with Red. I don't even use mine with portable -- it's for 100% laptop use. Because of that, I too am using Jitterbug and I really like the combo.
    Because of all this, I will be sending Mojo back and using the $400 differential for other things.
  6. Duncan Moderator
    Forgive the awful picture quality, on a bus, the other advantage of this micro setup (for me) is the pretty much perfect size match with the S7 Edge...


    Now a mission to find a USB OTG cable that is low profile and allows me to stick this to the back of the phone...
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  7. pimple
    hi. Im new here and totaly newbie. Can you notice a difference if you dont use jitterbug in your set up? I have xperia z3, df red and sennheiser hd 600. Im thinking of buying jitterbug but i want to hear inputs. =)
  8. Duncan Moderator
    To be fair, portably you would be hard pushed to notice an audible (tonal) difference, maybe a tiny bit more richness - but, without DBT there is no way to verify this (with me) isn't placebo...

    What it DOES do though, which is worth its weight in gold, is clear up the pops etc. that I was experiencing - that in itself is priceless)
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  9. Duncan Moderator
    ...Just want to make sure I haven't missed a secret handshake or something, and that the app for updates is "coming soon" for everyone (i.e. there isn't a beta app floating around anywhere?)
  10. simonecosta75
    I have buy the red version and use whit Samsung s7 edge and streaming audio Tidal in Hi-fi Quality
    At the first moment i have the prb whit low volume , but i buy the audio usb pro and now all is good
    For me the final Quality in over the fiio x7 whit a1 o a5 module ( i have try both) , only i need make good eq for improve the voice
    But the sound is greath , and i ma very happy
  11. guerph
    I had the DF v1.2 and sold it a few months back. I did a bunch of comparisons and didn't think it improved things significantly enough for me to keep it. I somewhat reluctantly bought the DF Red last week, assuming I would play with it, return for refund and buy the Mojo. I have been using it for about 24 hours with my iPhone 6, using the new Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Adapter (which is great as it allows me to charge iPhone while using the DF Red), running Vox, playing a handful of 16/44, 24/48, 24/96, 24/192 FLAC files. I've also tested streaming from Apple Music. My IEMs aren't anything special...Etymotic HF5s (with custom ear molds). In a word, the DF Red is brilliant. I'll save the few hundred dollars I planned on putting toward the Mojo and put toward some better IEMs perhaps. But in all honesty, they have given new life to my HF5s. Playing lossless FLAC using Vox is where I noticed the most significant improvement, but streaming Apple Music is much improved as well. I'm not going to get into all the characteristic improvements (until I've had a bit more time to test), but I will say that the DF Red is balls out better than it should reasonably sound for 200 slices of cheddar.
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  12. defbear
    I have the DFR, Mojo and ifI idsd Micro. I enjoy all three. The Mojo is smoother than the DFR and can play higher sample rates. Hands down I would take the ifi. Desktop performance in a small package.
  13. leaky74

    Really? I'm curious to try the ifi now! :grinning:
  14. Duncan Moderator
    Too big for me though, now summer is (allegedly!) on its way in the UK I need to travel light (jeans pocket)...

    The price of portability, but what makes the iFi better?
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  15. waynes world
    I'm interested as well, but mainly just for off of my laptop. Currently I'm using a ZuperDAC off of my laptop, then swapping it onto my phone when I go which is bit of a pain (yes, I like it that much). I might just get another Zuperdac, or a Dragonfly 1.2 or Red, but I should probably look at other options if I'm just going to be using the dac off of my laptop. 
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