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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by brent75, Apr 21, 2016.
  1. Hifiearspeakers
    The difference depends on the impedance and sensitivity of the headphones you’re driving. For higher impedance and/or lower sensitivity headphones, like Sennheiser 600/650/800/800S for example, the Red will be substantially better. But for much easier to drive headphones like Sennheiser 5xx series, the differences will be marginal. Hope that helps. For most planars, since they almost always require more power than similar impedance dynamics, even if they have low impedance, the Red is usually going to sound much better.
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  2. Nevi
    I do think the red has a better quality, but not so much it justifies the big price difference. But thats just me . I used the black on my old Sony Z5 C, so I think it would work with most of the Sony androids.I have later bought an Iphone 8 with Audeze SINE, and IMO it beat the sound from the dragonfly by far. Its my intention to try and listen to the LG V 30, to hear whether its so good as some say it is.
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  3. Rendster
    I wonder how is the sound quality of the red one when compared to smartphones like LG v20 and LG v30. Also how would it compare to dedicated DAP like Cayin n3 and Fiio x5
  4. big45-70
    I just picked up the DFB black and have a few questions. I set my windows 10 sound properties to 24-98, will this cause any problems using foobar to play 24bit-192 files? Does it simply down sound sample to 24-98? How does it work with streaming Spotify over a PC? And lastly, has anyone paired it with the pinnacle P1, or Meze Classic?
  5. recon56
    I have paired it with with P1, the DFB can deliver more than enough power. 192kHz should cleanly down sample to the 96Khz you have in your windows 10 setup. If you are going to stream Spotify I believe that the sample rate varies between the 44.1kHz and 48kHz depending on the track. But in my experience most tracks will have 44.1kHz sample rate.
  6. big45-70
    Anyone tried a dragonfly black with the he400i? I have a dac and amp setup for these, but it would be a bonus if the back would drive them as well.
  7. big45-70

    I can now reply to my own thread. I've been using the DFB exclusively for the past two days. Running it along side with Hifiman HE400i's, Meze 99C's, Pinnancle PX's, VE Monks and Fiio F9's.

    I am very happy, the install was as simple as plugging it in on a windows 10 device. The power is sufficient for my use case for traveling and drives my 400i's to sufficient volume levels without any sacrifices that I can tell. For gaming it worked great, I have experienced a slight delay in sound with my other USB DAC, the sound would be about half a second behind any action while gaming. Not a problem at all for the DFB.

    Sound impressions are very good with everything I've run through it, I haven't noticed any coloring of the sound outside of what my headphones and IEM's provide. Just an improvement with clarity over my laptops audio out. The added power gives my 400i a nice kick in the low end.

    All and all, it works great for what it is. A small USB DAC/AMP that is great for hifi audio on the go. I haven't had any experience is MQA, so I have no comment on that feature.
  8. C_Lindbergh
    I'm guessing these would power a 250 ohm headphone with ease? More preciecly the Beyerdynamic Home Amiron :)

    Also any tips on an angled USB C adapter for this thing? Preferably from a warehouse/store located in Europe.
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  9. WoodyLuvr
    That plus what headphones you'll be using which could drive that 20% higher but also likely to bring that 20% down to nearly 0% and in some cases even lower!
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  10. X-Frame
    Hey everyone,

    Apologies if this has been already discussed recently but can anyone confirm that the Apple USB2 CCK works with the Dragonfly Red and headphones?

    I originally bought the larger USB3 CCK years ago because at the time the thinner USB2 CCK seemed to produce buzzing. Has anything changed since then with the new iOS? Does the USB2 CCK work well with the current iOS 11.2 version?

    Thank you!
  11. Hariz Nordin
    I still have not found the solution to this.. Anyone???
  12. shoe73
    I bought a Chinese OTG cable off eBay for $10 and I can confirm it works fine with iOS 11 and the dragonfly red/black without buzzing or clicking. It may be the luck of the draw with these. Make sure it specifies iOS 11 if you buy one, a bunch of them are < 10.3 only.

    Edit: I should mention I am using iPhone 5s.
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  13. SchwarzeWolke
    So finally I also got my hands on a Black and I'm using it the second day on my Lenovo X1. I have to say that the main reason for the purchase was the really bad headphone jack/damaged whatever soundcard or so. When I was going up with the volume, I got a lot of distortion through the headphone jack. I was searching for an easy solution, as best as possible just plug and play. Well, the Black does everything and with my Sony, MDR-1A (around 50 Ohm) everything is loud as hell now. :laughing:
    I'm currently one above total mute and it's nearly too loud.
    I've tried several songs in different quality with Foobar and what my ears could distinguish was clearer sound, more body to it and it did not sound that "harsh" like it did through the headphone jack. I was switching a lot between the source and I'm really careful with my impressions. I don't know if they're biased and if I would be able to distinguish between the original source and the Black blindfolded. Right now I'm really happy, especially the handling and all the stuff is superb. I was thinking about other DAC/headphone amps but nothing is nearly as convienient as the Black.
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  14. SchwarzeWolke
    Same for me, tested some games and didn't have any lags or whatsoever!
  15. ninetylol
    i gotta revise my comment. After some more testing and real A/B comparison i actually still like the DFR better. Only got the Fidelio X2 to play with atm but with the DFR the music feels more alive and more rhytmic. The ifi nano BL on the other hand really got a little bass boost (which is nice) while the DFR feels a bit more treble boosted (but not in the bad way :D) All in all two really great devices but i give my thumbs up to the DFR, especially considering the form factor.
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