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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by brent75, Apr 21, 2016.
  1. VRacer-111
    The form factor makes it basically a bump on a cable - and easy for noticeably improving a vehicle's stock sound system, which is how I use it about half the time.
  2. caballerolance

    I have had some inexpensive dacs. I think Dragonfly red and black are slightly better than most afforable DACS in sound quality. Besides, they are INCREDIBLY better in portability. Combining both things, "Slighly better sound and incredible portabilty, these are the things to buy.

    One more thing: The Jiggerbug combination with Dragonfly is a must for computer desks. It really improves the sound, but only for computer desks (my experience). I think the Jitterbug is not necesary for smartphones or tables.
  3. Devodonaldson
    In several different setups and tests with individuals both well versed and not in audio, dragonfly plus red was seen as a welcomed plus even for smartphone use. There is an added level of detail and better presence that justifies the $50 entry fee
  4. clerkpalmer
    noob question but can a DF Red or Black be used with a portable headphone amplifier as DAC only and then stacked with the AMP to a smartphone? If so, how would one set that up?
  5. bmoregnr
    You would just set the music player and phone volume (if both volumes are not combined already) to maximum then the DFs act as fixed line out to the amp. Other than that the DF setup depends on the phone.
  6. ninetylol
    Anyone able to compare with the new ifi idsd nano BL?

    Will give my own oberservations over the weekend!
  7. udd3n
    Really intereseted in this comparison!
  8. ninetylol
    i need to do some real A/B comparison later but what i can say is that its a significant step up from the DFR. The sound profile of the ifi nano BL is really pleasant. It good some really really good bass (from what Ive read even better than the ifi micro BL!) and very smooth highs.
    It really pushes my Fidelio X2 to another level, sounds like I remember the DT 1990 with the A20 amp. Really good! There are some nice reviews on the nano BL on too (not mine).
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  9. DivaFonda
    I suspected as much. There are just many more powerful options for around $200. I know people swear by the DFR but I'm stopping at the DFB so far.
  10. doboo57

    Does anyone have tried to compare DFR with JDS Labs O2+ODAC or Schiit stack in terms of sound signature? I'm looking for the best sounding AMP+DAC combo to drive my HD600 from my laptop...
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  11. Cheffy
    I can compare the DFB and JDS O2+OL-DAC combo. The DFB was my first introduction to a DAC/AMP beyond my desktop/laptop/phone. It opened my ears to better sound. So much so, I invested in a JDS O2 amp and OL-DAC combo. The former is fantastic. The latter is incredible.

    If you want your HD600 to sound like Sennheisser intended, get the O2/ODAC. If you want it to sound like something else, consider other options.
  12. doboo57
    You have all the right words... I will look for the O2/ODAC, thanks :wink:
  13. Rendster
    Is there a big difference with the black and the red one? I wonder if it would work on Xiaomi mi6 or any android phone. I really would love an android phone as my DAP, but couldn't find a smartphone with decent DAC that fits my taste, or if there is it would be out of my budget like the LG v30. LG v20 has issues of battery draining fast, screen retention, and bootlooping so i'm afraid i may face problems with that phone. So i am looking for a portable DAP or DAC that would give me an excellent audio quality
  14. ninetylol
    I didnt hear the black but from what Ive read from people who heard both, all of them said the Red is a big improvement in terms of sound quality. I own the Red and if you factor in the form factor its pretty much unbeatable imho.
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  15. Cheffy
    Big improvement is subjective. Most report the difference as being pretty small and that's not surprising - there are vastly diminishing returns with price beyond a certain threshold for most things audio related. Users have suggested that the DFR is twice the cost for 20% better sound if that helps.
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