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New DAP help

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yezz12, Sep 16, 2012.
  1. yezz12
    I currently have the iPod Nano 3G, but it doesn't have enough space (only 4gb).
    I did some research and appereantly the Rocoo-P is one of the best. But the UI seems very clunky to me.
    I need something with a friendly user interface. 10gb internal storage will do. But sound quality is most important. There are so many Cowons, i have no idea which one to buy. 200 euro budget.
  2. heliuscc
    Get a colorfly C3 from bigbargainonline on ebay. 8GB and then put whatever size microsd in you want. 40GB for under £100
  3. yezz12

    The UI seems as bad as the Rocoo-P.
  4. heliuscc
    It's not as sweet as the x1060 in terms of classy UI, no.
  5. yezz12

    Anything from Cowon that you'd recommend? It has to have a user friendly UI.
    X7? z2? s9? I'm clueless. What are the differences?
  6. thor777
    Z2 has Android Gingerbread.  If you're familiar with Android, you should be right at home.  X9 is bigger physically and has a bigger but lower resolution resistive screen.  Also, X9 has Cowon's own OS.  Both have the same great sound, though.  I owned both for a little while but decided to keep the Z2.
  7. yezz12

    Okay, thanks. How are the equalizers? Are they good?
  8. yezz12

    Also, have you ever tried the Rocoo-p?
  9. stozzer123
    No not by a long shot, c3 menu is simple and works very well.
  10. yezz12

    Alright, i'm thinking about
    *Rocoo-P (very powerful and outstanding SQ although the UI is terrible)
    *Cowon Z2 (Android)
    *Colorfly C3
    *New iPod/iPhone gen (curious how they'll perform)
    Also, has anyone tried out any new gen Samsung players? Like the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, i haven't seen them on this site.

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