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New dap for streaming tidal.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Luke Thomas, Oct 19, 2019.
  1. Luke Thomas
    I’m looking for a new dap. Under $1000 that streams tidal efficiently. Has Bluetooth and works well with Many full size headphones. Thanks for your time.
  2. Luke Thomas
  3. Luke Thomas
    Any Tidal or Spotify users out there?
  4. psikey
    Look at the Sony ZX507 due out soon. Not sure if it will do Tidal without android conversion yet but for on-line Tidal should work through UAPP app.

    I had no problem with a Fiio M11 either (with Tidal App).

    If it doesn't have to be a DAP then getting an older LG V30+ phone to use as a music player (SIM less if you want) is a really excellent choice. I still have mine. Supports MQA too. Drove my HD660S fine.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  5. Simple Man
    My choice was/is Fiio M11.
    Works good with Tidal an Qobuz. Spotify mp3 is steps back.
    My headphones, including Sennheiser 560, are no problem at all.
    Good luck!
  6. stenog
    You have at least 10 daps to choose from.

    Cayin N6II - 1200 USD - highly recommended, sometimes it's worth paying a bit more!

    Ibasso DX220 and DX160. DX160 seems to be a bargain at 400 USD.

    FIIO M11/ M11Pro

    Hiby R6 Pro / R5

    Shanling M6

    Etc. :)
  7. Luke Thomas
    Great list thanks. And I’ve researched most of those, leaving me more confused than when I started.
  8. stenog
    If you are in doubt buy the N6ii :) it's the best of the bunch. If that's too expensive or too big you should seriously look at DX160.

    The perfect dap doesn't exist you will always compromise something.
  9. Luke Thomas
    Thx. Looks like for the money, dx160 and FiiO m11 are the best bang for the buck. If looking like theses two will have a shootout for best under $500 dap that streams.
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