New DAP for me?
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Mar 2, 2007
Coming from a Sansa, I guess it isn't held that high in SQ...I want a reasonable capacity (greater than 10GB at least), great SQ and a great lineout (whether this is via a dock or an actual 3.5mm lineout).

Also, no iPods please.

And it has to be black.

And durable.

And somewhat small.

And cheap.

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Sony X1060. It sounds so nice you don't need an amp. It's small, built like a tank, and is 32gb. It handily betters my iPhone 3G/P-51 Mustang combo.


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Ah, well scratch my recommendation then. Are you set on Rockbox because you like the features and usefulness of it? I'm sort of considering finding a player with Rockbox capabilities so I can see what it's all about. Maybe the Fuze will get support for it soon, I'd like to give that DAP a try sometime.
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Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware

You'll have to pick something from that box of compatible players unless you want to make some compromises.

If rockbox wasn't a must, I'd suggest a Zune. I've used a 30 GB and a 120 GB (since November 2007), and I've been pretty happy with both. Gapless playback (at least on the hard drive models) needs some improvement (especially with WMA lossless), but otherwise I'm very satisfied. Oh yeah, they come in black and have pretty good sound quality.

If I had to reccomend one based on the rockbox list, I've heard Cowon players have pretty good sound quality.
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From what you want and it having to be RockBoxable I would recommend the Cowon iAudio X5.

RockBox is great because you get full editable EQ and Stereo Wide function which widens the stereo field which is sadly missed on most DAPs

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The 'Source Components For Sale' here have more than one iRiver HP120/HP320, which all fit the OP's bill perfectly.

But it's pretty expensive, compared to the D2+.

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