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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. rookie2009
    Sorry bud,can i just what kind of cable is this? looks good
  2. modulor
    Sadly I must report that I've decided to sell the SD-3 and eventually move into custom territory.  The StageDiver line in terms of build alone really stand apart from all other universals I've tried to date.  The ultimate determining factor was the SD-3's signature.  I find while I like a more lush presentation with thick, rich notes which I can say the SD-3 has, I tend to prefer more intimacy with more forward mids and a bit less bass presence on top, akin to the BA200's presentation.  On technical merit alone, the SD-3 is ahead in most aspects, but I find myself enjoying the presentation and tonality of the BA200 more often than not.  I feel the SD-2 is just going to be more of an enhanced RE-400 type presentation, so that is out of the race too.  Hey, can't fight my personal preferences right? [​IMG] So, I've begun to research customs with similar presentations to the BA200...but the StageDivers are definitely among a special class of universal IEM and truly deserve all the praise they get.
    Looks like an Effect Audio cable to me: http://effectaudio.com/
  3. rookie2009

    Thanks modulor for the link!! also sorry to hear of the sd3,while I have the sd2s I can relate to your decision as I also wish the mids were a bit more forward and a bit better extension.Playing around with EQ i seem to have tamed the bass of my sd2 a bit but I try to avoid the EQing if i can. While Im no basshead the sd2 has plenty for my liking so I can only imagine how the bass of the sd3 sounds [​IMG]..
    Either way good luck with the search for your custom iem [​IMG]
  4. seaninbrisbane
    Effect Audio Crystal - I have it for sale in the classifieds if you're interested!
  5. Music225
    May I ask why you don't try upgrading IEM cable ? I think if you already like the SD3 but just want to tweak the sound here and there , the option of many types of cable , on effectaudio for example , will do that job .

  6. nazrin313
    For everyone's info, it saddens me to tell you all that I will be selling my SD-3.
    Reason for this is I have to downsize my gear to help fund for an AK240. And of all my top tier IEM, the SD-3 gets the least ear time. This saddens me alot thou. I hope it finds a happy home and someone who will appreciate it more. 
    Best iem for lovers of EDM bar none. Here is the link if anyone is interested.
  7. andyDiamond
    Did anyone try SpinFit earbuds on our favourite stagedivers? i saw very good words on them in ohm-image SD3 review. But they aren't sold worldwide, you can buy them only in Japan in Ocharaku store! Pfff...
  8. Migou67
    It's unfortunate, I would have wanted to try it ! Thank you anyway Andy.
  9. skalkman
    The only thing that put me of the SpinFit tips is that they look quite long, i have my ortofon tips all the way in and they are just the right size. If you can accommodate the extra length (or you could just cut the stem down a bit) then they would probably go fine with the SD's. 
    Found a supplier on alibaba.com, though the minimum order quantity is 3000 sets! [​IMG] 
  10. andyDiamond
    Oh if they're longer then it's not a choice for me because of early ear canal turn. I need as short tips as possible. Will be looking for ortofon tips, thank you. But they're not so cheap - I asked tips4tips seller on eBay and he confirmed that the tips he sells aren't original ortofon but some aftermarket.
  11. skalkman
    I bought the tips4tips ones and they work really well with my SD-2's. The "genuine" tips are £1 more directly from Ortofon, and since Ortofon is based out of Denmark I could probably get them pretty fast as well.
    I will buy a set directly from Ortofon when i get home, and see if there is any difference.
  12. andyDiamond
    Well, I've checked ortofon site - and shipping to Russia is twice the price of eartips themselves! Thats a real pity.
    If you don't like the originals when receive them - sell them to me! :)
  13. dacari
    Which is the benefit of these Ortofons tips?
  14. skalkman
    Better ergonomics and a larger nozzle. 
  15. dacari
    Ok, thank you.
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