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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Migou67
    The main problem I have with the SD3 it's that I can't stop listening, I have to fight strong with myself [​IMG]
    For me they are really good IEM and I'm very happy with the SD3, a good choice and a big thanks to the community @Head-Fi [​IMG]
  2. Mimouille
    I think I said on this thread that they will change and upgrade the lp4 this year, and then develop the sd4 next year I think
  3. AmberOzL

    Oh, I missed that. Sorry for asking something which is already answered.
  4. MusicalChillies
    Here is an extract from an edit in June from my review, not surprised with your foam findings!
    EDIT: Wednesday June 26th 2013 - Tip revisited:
    Revisited the Tsx400 Comply tip today and I have to say although it tames the bass it does give some more air to the delivery. The soundscape is still past the ear. I suppose the benefit with this tip is giving more clarity at lower levels and an good option if you find the bass with the stock tips too much. It certainly brings more clarity to the mids.
    I am hooked on the deep insertion silicone tips but this is a great twist and maybe liked by more. I said in the review that bore size didn`t make much difference but now these boys have settled in I can easily hear it. 
    Burn in etc. BA`s do not require it I hear the scream. I think everything that passes a current needs to "settle in" and that must include crossovers. Brain certainly had an initial shock but is now firmly on the same frequency (even with tip changes).
    Summary: Open up the mid clarity and still have plenty of bass, the big fat boy tsx Comply tips with large output bores is a must listen. This is obviously not a deep seal which is what I feel you definitely need using the stock tips(My preference). With the bass tamed a bit ,this allows you to increase the volume a bit more which in turn helps the warm mid`s to become clearer. I think I mentioned before these are like speakers compared to any other IEM I have heard.
    What a product for electronica based music which also turns a great hand at other genres.
  5. Ultrazino
    I have Complys TS-400 (or 500?) and I think they change the sound to the worse. I am talking about DIY foams only.
    - They do not (or hardly) extrude over the nozzle, giving more treble than any other tip.
    - Since they are so short, they insert really really deep, like only the smallest silicones would allow (and what I think was the intention of the design). The advantage over silicone: you do not have any issues with pressure.
    - Bass is a lot less with DIY than regular Complys or any silicone tip. In case of the SD-3, I consider this a great advantage. Like I said, zero bloat, no bleeding!
    I do not recommend original Complys. They do not allow deep insertion, thus treble is recessed a lot. Also bass is muddier compared to silicone tips and bloated compared to DIY.
  6. Mimouille
    No problem, not even sure I said it on this thread :) shoot them an email if you want info, they are really nice.
  7. MusicalChillies
    Tsx 400( short stubby foam), certainly not a tight fit on the nozzle but use them via a mod for my W4 and really only bought them for the H200. Sound wise, personally, pretty decent and they are half the length of the normal T400.
    I have to say they sound pretty good to me but I the large silicone does it for me. Medium fits deep as well but imo allows just that little bit of air out compared to the large.
    Anyway, to say the stubby comply tips are degrading is a little bit from the truth.
  8. AmberOzL

    I am interested but not now as you know, my wallet is quite empty nowadays. For the future I was thinking.
  9. music_4321
    StageDiver 2
    Initial impressions will be posted later / tomorrow, but I'm very glad I did not oder the SD3 as the bass on the SD2s has the perfect quantity for my taste — these are by no means bass-light. 
    1. After literally 10 minutes with the SD2s, and using the stock medium tips, I can say they sound really very, very good (using the headphone out of my 4G iPod Touch). 
    2. Build quality is superb. 
    3. These are very comfortable IEMs.
    Our German friends have created what appears to be a very fine phone.

    Ultrazino likes this.
  10. AmberOzL
    Very nice impressions music, after some time, would you comparison with K3003, which we all know, your biggest lover. I am not joking, I am also interested in InEar products, it is always nice to see more impressions, comparisons, reviews etc.
  11. music_4321
    First impressions:
    1. The SD2 roughly is, for my taste, what the FitEar TG334 & FitEar F111 were not. The 334, while having a wow effect, would soon become too much—a bit like having a delicious but ultimately huge meal—stuffing yourself, so to speak, on yummy food—, with the type of bass boost that would spoil things for me not so infrequently. This was often the case with orchestral classical works, some chamber music, and a few well-mastered rock albums. I suspect the SD3 shares some of these characterostics with the 334. The F111s, on the other hand, no matter how "reference" they may be regarded by some / many, simply sounded a bit too lean—again, not so infrequently, nice mids and treble, but inadequate low-end to these ears.
    1. The SD2 will probably not wow people who have heard IEMs such as the 334, K3003, the Ocharakus and perhaps even the FI-BA-SS (the K3003 being my favourite of the four, btw), but the SD2 is a solid all-rounder, and in that sense it shares this characteristic with the K3003s but, admittedly, the AKGs are in a different league SQ-wise, but the AKGs cost 1,200€ while the SD2s retail for 350€.
    1. The SD2 reminds me of the W4, and although I don't have the latter, I have my Westone ES3X (customs)— the W4s, sonically, came a good 90-95% close to my ES3Xs. So, I did a bit of A/B'ing between my customs & the SD2s and I found they were rather similar, though I prefer the leaner bass of the SD2, which gets closer to a reference type of sound; there's still a slight mid-bass lift, but just the right amount to make them sound engaging. This conservative mid-bass elevation helps get a clearer perception of the top-end, which is, like the W4s, rather polite but, from memory, due to the SD2's flatter tuning, the treble sounds a tad clearer. The treble is never fatiguing but manages to not be boring or too polite. The SD2, though, remains a warm-ish phone.
    1. The midrange is excellent: clear, well-defined, with just the right body (read: not thin nor overly lush / thick). The midrange is, without a doubt, the best part of the SD2. What is great, though, is that the midrange does not seem boosted / too forward — again, this I see as a result of the SD2's flatter presentation (ie being less boosted at both ends of the spectrum).
    1. I'd say overall the SD2 is a neutral-ish warm-ish phone, ie not quite neutral but not quite warm, either, or at least in the way other warm phones tend to be — I still feel there's a bit more warmth than neutrality, tough. This is, after all, still a musician's monitor and, as such, treble is dialled down, but not so much that it makes it dull or recessed enough to spoil things, but treble-heads should keep away from this IEM. The treble seems to strike a rather nice balance between being decently detailed and recessed. So, details are there indeed, and though not thrown at you, they're not severely masked / hidden. Again, I believe this perception comes from a well thought out mid-bass presence which allows for a very nice and smooth transition from mid-bass through the midrange and through to the treble.
    1. Soundstage is not wide or very tall, but depth is quite good and layering pretty decent indeed. These still have a somewhat intimate presentation but, because of the frequency response, these don't really feel closed-in at all.
    1. So far the SD2s are proving to be a great all-rounder where the W4s, 334s & F111s sometimes would fall short.
    If you're looking for rumbling bass, look elsewhere; if you're an Etymotic / F111 fan, look elsewhere; if you're looking for K3003 / EX1000 / FAD 160X / Ocharaku type of soundstage, look elsewhere. The SD2 is a rather unassuming IEM, one that will not get much attention, I'm sure, but one that certainly deserves it. So, taking into account the SD2's sound, ergonomics, build quality & cost, this is a gem of sorts. 
    Ultrazino and Music225 like this.
  12. vwinter

    Very good stuff there!
    IMO, you've done really well when someone else, me, doesn't just think something like "these sound awesome," but thinks something like "I feel like I have a good idea how these sound," after reading these impressions.

    Finding a true honest to goodness all-rounder is hard work. Shame about the soundstage for me, but sounds really nice otherwise.

    Is there a drop in the upper mids?
  13. music_4321
    "Is there a drop in the upper mids?" My guess is that there is, but not that much... and if it turns out that 'officially' there is quite a bit of a drop, it doesn't sound wrong to these ears. 
    As much as I see the value of graphs and technical data—and I even have a tone generator—a big part of me rebels against 'finding out' certain stuff, so I intentionally avoid taking the technical path, so I practically never use the tone generator or do sine wave sweeps. I've been trusting my ears for a long, long time. On top of that, I don't like what I've been seeing for a good while now on HF in several IEM threads: too much bloody emphasis on graphs / measurements…. and, as a consequence, even more and more and more parroting by 'kids' / people attempting to play the expert.  When I see certain things written on the Ety 'Lovers' thread and the F111 thread, for instance, I cringe. Yes, the very grumpy side of this wonderfully charming sparrow starts to come out with a vengeance — "My book / manual says that if you want to please a woman…"
    (sorry for the mini-rant)
  14. vwinter

    No harm here.

    Bolded response is all I was really asking. Thanks!

    The question's wording was maybe a bit poor lol. No undertone of wrong or right intended. I've just learned that I prefer the extra vocal energy that not having a dip there brings, so I'm always curious. I can hear it pretty instantly.

    "...that if you want to please a woman..."

    Get out of here and learn a thing or two in the K3003 thread?
  15. music_4321
    No. nothing wrong with your wording. I guess it just triggered something after what I've been witnessing lately in several threads, so apologies to you if I seemed to have a go at you (certainly not my intention).
    The midrange is brilliant on these phones, that all I can tell you, and vocals sound very right. But then you know I'm a mids-head and love those awful PFs.
    Yes, but even that has a price... and not always just of the monetary sort.  :wink:

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