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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Mimouille
    Sd3 is particularly good for rap, with powerful tight bass and great mids.
  2. AmberOzL
    Guys I just noticed something. InEar website has English language now and I was checking their custom models. Dude, they are awesome. Colors and logos, no additional cost. Also they can build the custom shells canal with soft material (I guess somethingh like Westone type?). It seems veeeery promising to me.
    Made in Germany anyway, it has to mean something.
  3. music_4321
    I've finally placed my order for the SD2. I know most people & practically everything these days is all about the SD3, but I've always been more drawn to the SD2s.
    Let's see if our German friends have indeed managed to come up with something grumpy sparrows might deem worth keeping.
  4. vwinter

    I just tried to think of something I think is German made that is worth keeping and I always came back to excellent things that are consumable.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the SD2.
  5. music_4321
    For some reason my sister keeps thinking that my next wife / long-term partner should be German—my sister and I are very good friends and she knows me pretty well. I tell her I can understand where she's coming from but still not so sure myself she's right. I did meet a very nice German woman last month and though we kinda clicked, our grumpy sparrow felt she wasn't quite right for him. I did meet a lovely Swiss (German) girl many years ago, but at the time I wasn't quite capable of seeing through the truly lovely person that she really was — an opportunity lost; she'd have unfairly suffered a great deal if we'd become 'an item' at the time, that's for sure.
  6. Mimouille
    Hum...go Japanese.
  7. vwinter

    Women were among the first things that came to mind but I decided to keep it to saleable goods. I'm sure another will come along and your sister may have the much beloved "told you" opportunity.

    For anyone so inclined, there was no possible way apparent to me to not leave that first sentence above wide open.

    100 people were surveyed. What is something that you will never hear my gf say? The number one answer is...

    And I begged!
  8. music_4321
    I feel that might only work for a short while, but not long-term (unless she'd spent a reasonable [perhaps considerable?] amount of time in the west, preferably in western Europe.
    Well, my sister hasn't always been wrong... but, then again, she hasn't always been right, either (she herself is married to a German, btw—a really great guy, I hate to admit, and just the right person for her....... but my sister ain't a grumpy sparrow!)
    Now, wasn't this thread supposed to be about some sorts of IEMs? Or, have I missed something and this thread is now officially the HF agony aunt thread / column?
  9. davidcotton
    "welcome to headfi, sorry about your love life" now is it:D :wink::wink:
  10. davidcotton
    Double post, sorry :)
  11. Ultrazino
    I had a Japanese girlfriend for a while (she actually sent me a mail from Yokohama past night) and I think she fitted best to me from all girls I ever met. Of course Japanese girls are a bit easier to deal with because they always think highly of their male partner. However, we shared a lot. Love for details, perfection, minimalism, cleanliness, tidiness, etc.
    After 3 months, I already asked myself how this relationship is supposed to improve. It already felt like a marriage, falling into habits. We could communicate without words because we already knew what the other person was thinking. Totally scary, something that took me several years with my ex.
    But somehow it also gets a bit boring if you are alike too much. I need a challenge somehow. I want to adapt and change, see a relationship grow. Where to go from there? You need to travel and go out a lot to keep a variable in your life, or have kids...
    We got separated because of work and I am really happy (again) with my current girlfriend now. But you never know what happens.
    Anyway, looking forward to your impressions with SD2!!
  12. PAM005
    Hi Ultrazino,
    Thanks to your review I did order Stagediver SD-2. First impressions in balanced mode with ALO RX-mk3B+, Clas -dB and IPod Classic are fantastic. The bass control on my amp gives me the extra boost of  bass I was looking for. Soundstage is spacious, impressive and detailed. I was first considering Westone 4RC, but I'm happy i did take a plunch to buy these (2-driver) beauties. Fit is if they are made for me :) THANKS again and back to your Japanese girlfriend talk... LOL ;-D
    Ultrazino likes this.
  13. MusicalChillies
    Can`t comment on the SD2 but congrats on a great IEM (same design).
    How are SD3 owners finding their pair now after some use? All spot on here and still make me smile before bed or i that the smoke or.. :wink: 
    I plucked up the courage to take them out of the house a couple of days ago, straight out of my ipod touch. Sounded great and easily block more external noise than my W4 setup.
  14. Ultrazino
    Since I replaced silicone tips with DIY foams on my SD3 some time ago, I am happy to no end! I have truly not heard any better IEM to date!
    It's still a warm sound, no doubt, but it's nowhere near as bassy as before. There is no bloat or bleeding at all, which was my only complaint in my review.
    Because the tips are much shorter than any non-DIY tips, the treble comes out a lot more - and it definitely knows how to impress by clarity and extension. This was humbly hidden behind the offensive bass before.
    Bass has a lot less punch now (which could be a con depending on your preference), but texture is just as good and the overall feel is even tighter.
    Even more so, fit could equal a true custom, there are no issues with pressure and isolation should be the best there is (depending on the foam, I use Moldex Spark Plugs 7800 from an official distributor).
    If you have an SD3 and were near me, I would physically force you to try it out. But since we're online, I can only recommend you to try it.
    I don't have the SD2 anymore but if I project the DIY foam effects onto it, I am guessing this could be perhaps one of the most neutral IEMs after "the mod".
  15. AmberOzL
    Is there any information about possible SD4? I mean they are the universal versions of LivePro series so LivePro 4 and SD4 should sound at least similar. My question, is there anybody who knows how LivePro 4 sounds? I hope it is not bassier than LivePro 3, which is already quite bassy iem apparently.
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