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New custom IEM company - Custom Art: discussion, review, and impressions thread

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  1. piotrus-g

    I don't know honestly... They sound good for sure and they have some cool qualities (soundstage!) but things like iSine10 were more inspiring for me TBH.
  2. jelt2359 Contributor
    The 8.2 is great. I'm not sure they need another flagship now.
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  3. Deezel177

    As much as I'd like every CIEM company in the world to pump out new flagships every other Sunday, I think we should take the time to appreciate the sheer marvel of engineering the manufacturer, in this case Piotr and CA, has achieved in order to present us products of such a pedigree, and realize that marvels are fundamentally incredibly difficult to accomplish.

    As a sidenote, let's not forget that CA has their upcoming FIBAE line-up, which has piqued the interest of many among us, I'm sure.
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  4. MuZo2
    R&D takes much time and cost, driver selection, tuning & process. I think for product like Harmony it should atleast have a life span of 1-2 years to get the returns.
    FIBAE especially single driver is marvel. One driver and so spacious sound & natural. er4p users keep an eye on it.
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  5. omastic

    The H8.2 is a true flagship with a totl sound performance. Its easy to see and hear how much effort and meticulousness has gone behind its design. Really, its not just a minor update or rehash of the previous flagship.

    Ofcourse I want more from custom art in future but the h8.2 is here to stay for a while. When a new flagship comes, I just hope there's an upgrade path for existing Harmony owners!
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  6. piotrus-g
    And since we speak of FIBAE the very first batch of customized drivers for FIBAE has been ordered [​IMG]
  7. Rozenberg
    Nice! Means it might be available right on schedule at the end of this year?
    The single driver FIBAE was nice, nicer than Music One. It's literally the Music One but less bright with more bodied sound.
    Might be an option for backup IEM if I ever need one :D
  8. omastic
    Super excited for FFAB 2 man!
    Hello @piotrus-g . I understand this technology makes the iem less prone to getting affected by the output impedance of the source. Is there a sonic advantage with low output impedance sources as well?
  9. piotrus-g
    I'd say so, although the proper launch will most probably take place in January. December is always crazy time for us due to Christmas
    Yes, that's correct, the IEM is no longer dependant on the output impedance - you always get the same sound signature - no more bass roll-offs (!)
    I think there's no right or wrong with output impedance. Low output impedance will be more "pure" design because that means no caps at the output, however I find high output impedance sources (such as studio quality sound cards) to be a bit more neutral sounding which can be a good thing if you are after more reference sound quality
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  10. walbum4262
    For people resided in Europe you now have the chance to try out Piotr's latest creation the harmony 8.2 just sign up here and await a PM

  11. Rozenberg
    Was hoping for the full lineup tour but I guess that would take more time 
  12. MuZo2
    Yes with full line up tour you cannot dedicate time for each gear and do justice specially to low priced iems.
  13. walbum4262

    Music one, music two, pro 330v2, EI.3 and EI.XX will come on tour in a few months, it's still touring here in Denmark
  14. MrButchi
    What we've all been waiting for: THE NEW CUSTOM ART WEBSITE IS UP.
    And DO check http://thecustomart.com/shop/ you're in for a treat in terms of IEM personalization preview!
    Congrats to Piotr and his team!!!
  15. Deezel177
    Beautiful-looking website guys! I love how you kept to the aesthetic theme of the old one but equipped it with a great interface and one of the most gorgeous IEM designer's I have ever seen, with correctly oriented left-right IEM's and all (I'm looking at you, Empire [​IMG]). Congrats @piotrus-g!
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