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New Cowon V

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Mar 2, 2018.
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  1. someyoungguy
    Ahh snap! I just downloaded this and have been trying it out, was about to post something on here too :wink:

    I don't have any DSD files but downloaded a sample from https://www.oppodigital.com/hra/dsd-by-davidelias.aspx and can confirm it works. JetEffect settings aren't applied to DSD playback, and a little DSD icon appears at the top of the screen (shown in photo below).

    The new firmware also has an additional UI skin which looks like the skin on the larger screen Plenue players - largely black with highlighted orange menu items. I tried to take a photo of the transition but it hasn't come out so well - instead of the last-used menu item being highlighted all orange it's kind of a pixellated orange backing (since I'm guessing the screen can't handle the all-orange highlight of the larger screen models) - it's just visible on the 'Dawn of Ashes' line on the photo.

    Interesting they added the playback speed support - I don't think I've seen this on any other Plenue models. It was on my old J3 (and I think the S9 too). I found it handy as I played drums and would use it to slow down play and figure out what someone was playing for a drum line/fill.
    IMG_2241.JPG IMG_2245.JPG IMG_2247.JPG
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  2. maira
    Anybody able to compare SQ to cayin N5ii or others in this price range?
  3. someyoungguy
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  4. shamrock134
    Great review. I look forward to your comparison with the ZX300! Do you have any sort of ETA from Joybuy? I have concerns about the bass having read through the thread but it definitely beats the Plenue V when it comes to storage capacity.
  5. someyoungguy
    Yeah I sent them an email yesterday asking about where the ZX300 might be. Ordered on 25 May with an estimate of 30-40 days shipping. First time I’ve bought from Joybuy but not too worried yet as people here on head-fi report good experiences with them.
  6. someyoungguy
    Hi Music Enthusiast,

    Finally got around to testing out CUE files. Sorry it took a while I'd never used them before and had to read up on how they work.

    I found an mp3 file I have, burnt from a CD, which has a hidden track and created a CUE file so it would appear as two tracks - the main song and hidden track. It works in Foobar - I drag it into the player window and two files come up, with their track lengths and both play fine. So I loaded the same file on the Plenue V (and Plenue R which I have handy), in the same folder as the mp3 file, but I don't get the CUE file working on either player.

    So, either the CUE files aren't supported on the Plenues or I'm not doing it right.
  7. someyoungguy
    I just saw on the Cowon website and they've updated the V info with the upgrades in the 1.10 firmware release - the product info now includes the support for DSD and higher res file types, and the images in the 'JetEffect 5.0' on the overview page and 'Sensual graphic interface' on the Design page now show the new UI theme.
  8. Music Enthusiast
    Hi someyounguy, thank you so much for taking the time to test this.
  9. maira
    Has the Sony arrived?
  10. someyoungguy
    No, they said to get in touch if it hadn’t arrived by the 26th July, so looks like I’ll be asking for a refund. Tracking shows it leaving Belgium early June, then nothing. Haven’t had something go missing in the post for a long time.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do now - whether I’ll order a ZX300 from somewhere else or not.
  11. maira
    Too bad. A comparison would have been great, I have listened to the zx300 a few days ago and found it a bit dark sounding with too much Bass (kick drum). Also i missed a bit of sparkle. Maybe its because of the Class D amp....

    Good luck for your refund!
  12. someyoungguy
    2804F823-F432-4888-91AE-FC0422141D28.jpeg Charging has a slightly demonic feel to it... :wink:
  13. Tz2000
    Is the Plenue V comparable to the Hifiman Supermini?
  14. Love Music
    What is the difference between the plenue j and the v ? They seem to have similar pricing and was released around the same time . Which one has better sq ?
  15. someyoungguy
    On paper the V has better specs:
    Signal to noise ratio: 126 dB for V, 123 dB for J
    Stereo crosstalk: -124 dB for V, -105 dB for J
    Total harmonic distortion: 0.0004% for V, 0.003% for J
    Output voltage: 1.7 Vrms for V, 1.0 Vrms for J
    The V also has DSD support if you want that (although there’s not much music available in DSD yet)

    With anything in this hobby it’s quite subjective as to which is better, depending on your tastes and the sound signature you want. I’ve never tried the J but the DAC chip and specs are exactly the same as the D. I used to have a D a few years ago, and can’t provide a direct A-B comparison, but from memory the D had a slightly smooth, warm sound, quite characteristic of the Wolfson DAC chip (WM8998 from memory).

    The V has the best detail retrieval I’ve heard out of a DAP (previously owned X3 2nd gen, DX80, DX90, and Plenue M, P1, R and D). It’s very immersive and controlled on complex passages. The only downside I’ve come across is the treble can tend towards the hot side, so could be a bit harsh depending on JetEffect setting, recording and IEM/headphone pairing. I think of the V as like a live performance - engaging and exciting, but might end up a bit harsh depending on the performance. On paper the Vs specs are right up near the P2 and S in terms of SNR, THD etc.

    Personally I’m a huge fan of what the V can deliver for the price and love the sound signature. I do think the J has a more svelte, dapper look to it and you can see in the D forum people love the sound (which I’m assuming is exactly the same on the J). The V does have 70% more output power, so depending on the headphones/IEMs you’re intending on using with it, that is something to keep in mind.

    @Tz2000 sorry I’ve never heard the Supermini so can’t comment
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