New cd player, or upgrade existing with external DAC?
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New Head-Fier
Jan 29, 2009
Budget is around £1k max.
I have two cd players, an Arcam alpha 7se and a pioneer PDS-703.
This is going to be paired with a Graham Slee Ultra Linear headphone amp and HD650 headphones.

The Arcam is rigged up to my main system, and the pioneer is gathering dust.
I am tempted by an Audiolab 8200cd or cdq.
The question is, would I be better going for a quality external DAC and using this for the headphone system. If so, which one would you recommend for the amp and headphone combination if fed by the PDS-703?

I listen to rock, pop, classical, so I am after a good all rounder, with a detailed presentation, with a balanced and open sound.

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