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New!! Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson Amp

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  1. shultzee

    Nice setup!  I am also running the mojo for now.  Great combo.    RB2013 of this thread     http://www.head-fi.org/t/761078/6922-tube-review-17-top-6922-6n23p-e88cc-cca-7308-e188cc-tubes
    hooked me up with the 74.  I had previously bought a pair of 75's from him and he is great to deal with.   
  2. Hansotek
    Yeah, Bob's the man. I remember when he did that tube shootout. Hell of an undertaking.
  3. asgeir101
    I would recommend a russian rocket tube. Either Reflektor or Vodshock National 6N23P from the mid seventies. They are increadibly transparent with very solid bass and great musical flow. The one I got was a Vodshock/National grey shield single getter from ca mid seventies and it sounds like a combination of Telefunkeln E88CC and an Amperex
  4. reddog
    I finally replaced my everyday listening tube the Genalex Gold Lion, with a NOS EDISWAN CV 2492 tube. I am quite happy with this tube. My HE 1000's sound superb from the Liquid Crimson, with the Ediswan CV 2492 NOS tube. The bass has more impact and slam to it, without sounding bloated. The bass, in Frank Zappa's Republicans , has more thud, which makes the track come ominously alive. Likewise the mids are sweeter yet remain ever so transparent and natural sounding. Dave Brubeck's Take Five, from his Time Out Album, the mids are sweet as honey, but none of the detail and natural transparency is lost. The result is this track just sounds devine, feel like I am in smokey jazz club, sipping scotch, grooving to the intoxicating sound. The treble is spot on without too much sparkle or fatiguing sybilance. I really like hearing Patric Doyle's Henry V ( the soundtrack), and I never detected any annoying sybilance. I have new respect and admiration for Liquid Crimson and it will always remain in my stable of amps. IMG_20160430_110935.jpg
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  5. shultzee
    I have spent a full week with the Crimson now and to me its just amazing.  Just incredibly smooth.   I had a violectric v281previously (amongst others)  and just never got the same feeling.   Dang I could have saved a lot of money on this journey if I would have known what I do now.  [​IMG]
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  6. Jozurr

    I believe you have the liquid glass as well. Can you please post some impressons of it against the crimson?

  7. JoeDoe
    Hey there Crimson owners! According to UPS tracking, I should be joining the club tomorrow – couldn't be more excited! I've been doing some reading lately, and I'm curious to know if any of you can offer any comparisons between the Cavalli and the Woo WA22. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  8. vhsownsbeta
  9. grizzlybeast
    UGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG why can't I buy this FS add right now... Thats a SMOKING DEAL!!!! @JoeDoe
  10. vhsownsbeta

    If only 230v [​IMG]
  11. Here2rock
    Why all the products on their website are listed as unavailable?
  12. Hansotek

    They are made available in mass production runs. The final run on those products was earlier this year. The next run will be all new stuff. Your options now are to buy used or, in some cases, acquire them through a dealer.
  13. Here2rock
    New stuff, new models or upgrading the existing line?
    How many runs per year?
  14. Hansotek

    New models, including the much anticipated Liquid Tungsten and the portable Liquid Spark.
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  15. Stillhart
    Hey Liquid Crimson fans, did you hear about the new prototype Cavalli amps they were showing at Socal last weekend?  One of them is a new fully balanced Liquid Crimson that's much smaller and half the price (~$1500 estimated)!  As a Crimson owner for some time, I can say that it sounded pretty darned close (though I haven't been able to A/B).  As someone who had to sell the Crimson to fund real life, this thing has me SUPER excited!!
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