New!! Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson Amp

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  1. enthusiast
    Well what does Dark in this High_End context mean.. let me explain. A dark Vio sounds black in the sense that everything is highly resolving, transparent and very neutral, but it is liquid in a sense that it is -never- harsh. Trebles is there but never harsh. It is something like comparing a Yamaha to other pianos.  Japanse tonality. The Vio stack scales my headphones up, but you clearly hear that a homogenous LCD-2 or the already excellently reveiling my Beyer 51p are not up to the capabilities of the Vio stack. The TH-900 scaled nicely, but its extremely V-Shaped nature was nothing I would consider High-End even in the remotest sense.
    Still, i have no idea how the Cavalli sounds like.
  2. Stillhart
    When I use the work "dark" I mean it has less treble than neutral and more bass than neutral.  The Crimson does not.  Resolving capabilities aside, I was referring to the coloration of the sound.
    That said, I've never heard it so take it with a grain of salt.
  3. enthusiast
    Your definition makes sense. Is there any amp above the Violectric with same "dark" characteristics? The Crimson certainly has the looks of something that should sound dark.
  4. Stillhart
    I'm not familiar with enough high ends amps to answer that.  However, anything with a tube can be customized to some degree based on the tube you use.  You might look in that direction...?
  5. enthusiast
    Let's say I like the sound of the Violectric but not its looks :) Might try tubes as next.
  6. aamefford
    Ok, I'm here now.…
  7. Stillhart
    Welcome!  Tell us how much you love the Crimson.  Enquiring minds want to know...
  8. aamefford
    Alright, I like it a lot.  I'd say outside chance it could be my last amp, but given my history, that is unlikely.  I did bust out the Carbon again, to do some switching back and fourth.  I'll report back once I can describe the difference a little bit.
    I would like to ask for a bit of discussion on non-stock tubes that people have tried.  I'm not in a particular hurry to try anything out.  Something that Alex Cavalli wrote somewhere (probably his website....) implied that the Crimson's tube implementation is not really dependent to a great degree on what tube is used.
    My plan is to listen to read what folks have tried, track down one of the major favorites, and try it out compared to the Genalex stock tube.  That is pretty likely to be the extent of my Crimson tube rolling.  Hopefully.
    oh, I have a pair of HD650's arriving Monday to try something that will require more than 20 degrees of volume knob rotation between silent and deaf.
  9. Stillhart
    So the design of the amp means that changing tubes won't be as dramatic as with something like the Glass, but it does still affect the sound.  I too was skeptical, which is why I decided to just grab something really nice and expensive to hopefully get the most improvement.  Cheaping out and then getting very little improvement would seem to be a bit of a waste of money to me.  Considering the cost difference between a good tube and a cheap tube is like $100 and the amp was like $1800, it seemed like a no brainer.
    The one I bought from @Hansotek, which he bought NOS, was a 1963 Dario Miniwatt 188CC from the Harleen factory.  It's been a while since I listened to stock but the biggest improvement I noticed was a nice bump to the bass presence.  It was a clear step up from the stock tube so it was an easy decision to just keep it and forget about it.  
    If it turns out there are some other really well-regarded selections, I might grab one to give it a try also.  I'm curious what Hansotek and @reddog have to say on the subject.  :)
  10. reddog
    you are using a great tube from Hansotek. I used a NOS Telefunken E88CC Platinum tube in my Crimson and found the sound signature to be a tad strident. I feel the Gold Lion, had better bass. I might try my EDISWAN tube and see how it sounds. But in general, I agree, the Crimson is a expensive amp and one should try to use the best tube available. I will roll more tubes, once I am working again.
  11. Stillhart
    Are you referring to the stock Gold Lion or a different one?
  12. reddog
    I am referring to the Gold Lion. I need to try some other good NOS tubes and see what I like.
  13. shultzee
    Got the Liquid Crimson from a member here recently and am just amazed with the euphonic sound.    I have rolled a 74 Reflektor silver shield in and its a great combo.  Swapping tubes however does not make as much of a impact as on my prior amps.    Finally I can quit searching for a amp I am totally thrilled with.  [​IMG]
  14. Hansotek
    Congrats! Would like to try one of those Reflektors in the Crimson at some point.
  15. Hansotek
    Loving this combo at work all week! Modded HE500, Silver Dragon, Liquid Crimson, Mojo. The Crimson is just killer with the HiFiMans. HE500 and HE1000 especially.
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