New cans, xmas time! (Sub £60/$100) Med. size
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Jul 3, 2006
Hey, I definately want some new phones for xmas, and I dont feel anything special when I listen to my ipod with my Senn PX100's anymore.

Dont get me wrong theyve been worth every penny but its time to upgrade.

I've been away from the 'headphone world' for awhile so im not sure what to get.

For size i wouldnt mind something a lil bigger than the PX100's, but dont want anything massive (like the HD555's i looked at)

I listen to mainly rock, alt, indie, pop, abit of elec/dnb/hh.

Basically the look of the AKG K81's look good as do the Sennheiser HD280pro's, but im a lil nervous with the closed side, i dont want everyone on the train to hear me, but dont would rather trade that fo better quality headphones.

The other option would be to get some second hand grado sr-60's? They dont look that comfortable though.

Or a few people have said these.. ?


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