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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. MXRaia
    Didn't someone just say Campfire recommended T400 tips for the Comet? Does T400 really not fit? Thinking of picking up some Comply tomorrow, just not sure now whether to go for T400, T500, or T600.
  2. MyPants
    I nearly mangled a fresh set of T400s trying to force them on, so I'd pass on those. I don't have T500s here to try, but I suspect they'd work based on how easily the T600s go on.
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  3. sleeping_citizens
    If this is too out of field for this thread, apologies - Does anyone have a Reference 8 cable and has dealt with its stiffness? I only coiled the IEM one time in a case and now the entire cable is all bendy and just won't relax. Very much opposite of the Litz cable. Anyone know how to get this cable to "soften"?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  4. Lookout57
    At CanJam NYC earlier this year I asked Ken about that issue.

    He said let the cable hang straight down and use a hair dryer to soften up the plastic cover. Then try stretching it out and the curling should be eliminated.
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  5. sleeping_citizens
    That worked like a charm. Thanks, Lookout (and Ken)!
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  6. Rlin987
    That's a good solution :)
  7. Colors
    I did it guys.

  8. Apputty
    You seem to be on an upgrade spree.
    Hope you enjoy your new gear.:L3000:
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  9. Colors
    Also on a selling spree too :frowning2:

    Just following some advice: “instead of getting multiple $200-300 IEMs, just get a better one.”

    Andromedas, EE Bravado and ER4SR should be good for awhile.
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  10. Quadfather
    Rule Number 1: You are never good for a while, at least in this hobby. As soon as you get the next great thing, your insides will start twitching over what next better thing is on the horizon...
  11. bvng3540
    Totally agreed with you, I been chasing so call TOTL the last 3 years, and bought ALL TOTL iem but always go back to my old one
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  12. Quadfather
    My first headphones are still my favorite. LOL. Shure SRH1540.
  13. MyPants
    I've enjoyed listening to my panoply of $200-ish IEMs to sample all the different technologies and get a feel for dynamics vs balanced armatures vs hybrids vs planars, but you definitely reach a point where nothing is impressive anymore -just different- and the time comes to part with some equipment and move upmarket.

    p.s. Pure Silver Litz Balanced + Comet impressions coming soon. TLDR: danksauce to my ears, even though it makes no financial sense.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
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  14. 8481
    Good thing I had this mentality early on, went from IT01 to Comets to Atlas, did not enjoy the Comets as much as the IT01, figured I might as well go for a TOTL instead of messing around with the midrange iems.
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  15. Skeary83

    First time poster long time reader.

    I just wanted to heap some further praise on the Comet. I picked it up on a whim due to the pricing and the and the good reviews it has been collecting since launch.

    I also picked up the Sennheiser IE800 the following week after a big drop in price at one of our local retailers.

    I have been using both with an Astell and Kern AK70MKii and the Comet with my Iphone 8s through the Apple headphone adapter and am blown away by the cohesion and the full audio spectrum that these things push out.

    They are $299 Aud and the build and cable quality are outstanding, Well done Ken and Campfire!
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