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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Arthur Li
    Listening to "Crime of the Century" with comet right now, I struggle to understand why would anyone call this amazing IEM "entry-level". No, I don't think the comet is "entry-level". It just happen to be affordable. The instrument separation and imaging capability of comet is at least on par with my Noble Savanna (which I considered "mid-fi") while the crispness of notes exceed my Noble Sage (also mid-fi). Overall, it is a solid all-rounder with a non-neutral but very enjoyable sound signature and good technicalities. I think comet is within the tier of "solid mid-fi" despite its' sub-200 dollars price.
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  2. B9Scrambler
    Crime of the Century is an amazing song... and album. Maybe those people are referring to the Comet being entry level for the brand? It is their most affordable model after all.
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  3. MyPants
    That's how I'm looking at it. Porsche Cayman is still a Porsche.
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  4. Colors
    I don’t think anyone is calling the Comets a giant killer.

    They’re amazing IEMs for $199. I’d pay $299 for them but it ends there.
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  5. kfarndog
    High praise indeed when you start comparing any IEM to Nobles.
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  6. Arthur Li
    I love my Nobles, especially the Savanna, which has excellent clarity and coherency top to bottom. Overall, I still prefer listen to Savanna over Comet but it's very close.
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  7. amirhosein
    Has anyone listened to both Atlas and KSE1500/1200? I' thinking on buying a high-end IEM and mostly listen to 60's-80's rock and rock n roll. As I can't demo either one I'd like to know your thoughts.
  8. Jonathan Lerner
    I would think that the kse has better technicalities but is not emotive enough for thsttkind of music
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  9. Jonathan Lerner
    Tbh i think the lola might be you're best option
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  10. Roscoeiii
    I've had both the Vega (similar sound signature to Atlas) and 1500s. And I auditioned the Atlas at AXPONA. They have such different sound signatures. Both in terms of freq response and driver type.

    Atlas will give you a felt, visceral impact on the bass. Real oomph and momentum. Bass is foundational. That's the DD sound for you. And the freq response accentuates the bass even more and is tipped up in both bass and treble. So not a flat neutral signature.

    1500s on the other hand are detail monsters. As Jude's review notes, there is something special about electostat drivers and the isolation the 1500 provide. You see into the recording in an amazing way. Bass quality and quantity (with a proper seal) is surprisingly gpod but you are not getting that visceral DD impact. There is a smidge of bass emphasis in the freq response but it remains a predominately neutral, reference headphone.

    Really apples and oranges in so many ways. Both excellent. But drastically different. You're going to need to think hard about the signature you prefer if auditioning or buying from a seller with a return policy aren't options.
  11. amirhosein
    Hmm, interesting recommendation. What's special about the Lola's?
  12. Jonathan Lerner
    The mid range is specially made to be incredible for guitars to my knowledge they are slash's favorite iems because of that mid range
  13. Audiophonicalistic
    If you are traveling anywhere soon in the major hubs they have headphone stands and can try the kse 1500. I agree, they are very different from each other so depends of you want that big beautiful bass that sucks you in or a more neutral balanced sound the kse has. I really like the shure sound and enjoyed the kse quite a bit but what put me off is carrying the extra amp/dac .

    Listening to slowdive, the atlas really does suck me in. Really enjoying them. Goodluck
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  14. Audiophonicalistic
    I love a good midrange; are these the most emotive midcentric iem you know of?
  15. MyPants
    Sitting here tip rolling with Comet, and I think I'm gonna go with the Large Spinfits for a while. I've been using the stock marshmallows and really enjoying the sound, but the sense of air, detail, and vertical soundstage seems decidedly increased with the Spinfits although you trade a touch of bass warmth. I also tried comply T400s and couldn't get them on, finding that T600s fit easily if a tiny bit loose (not so bad that they stay behind in my ear or anything like that). The T600s provide by far the sturdiest, most comfortable, and most isolating fit, as well as a notable lift in mid-bass, but the trade-off in lost high-end air sent me back to the Spinfits for now. I didn't hate the sound with the T600s, and they were comfortable as all get-out, but perhaps another day or another's ears... They would be perfect tips for traveling or commuting.
    [Note: tonight's listening for these impressions is the Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers album in DSD from an SACD rip, running at 2.8mHz on the Cayin N5ii.]
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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