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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    I did a bit of testing with different ALo cables in my Comet review.

    Please have a look.

    Linky in my sig.

    (Maybe third post down)

    Or go straight to the review section
  2. 8481
    Alright, I ordered both separately so I can help you.

    For the Comets I was charged about 47.80 iirc, 213.30 for the Atlas or something close.

    Both had a 12 handling fee.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  3. davidcotton
  4. Lookout57
    I've found that it is very easy to remove the memory wire on the CA/ALO cables and improve the comfort. I've removed them from the Litz, Copper Litz, Ref8 and SXC. All you need is a very short pointed knife like an Xacto or razor knife and a pair of small tip angled cutters (what I have are for trimming component leads on PC boards).

    This is how I've done it and take no responsibility if you follow these instructions and damage or destroy your cable.

    To remove, take the knife and carefully stick it under the memory wire somewhere in the middle. Make sure you don't go too far in, just enough to get thru the other side without cutting the wires. Then turn the knife upwards so the knife edge is next to the memory wire and slow draw the blade forward around a 1/2 inch. Once you have enough of the cover exposed you can start pulling the memory wire out. Once it is out you can pull the rest of the cover for the memory wire off of the cable. Then once it's removed you use the angled cutters to cut the memory wire and cover off at the connector end. Now you have a cable without a memory wire.

    Hopefully we can get Ken to start selling cables with or without the memory wires to give us flexibility to use with the original CA IEMs or the Comet and Atlas. But in the mean time you can try this.
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  5. ExpatinJapan
    thanks for the information and guide.

    I think I will have to bite the bullet with the MMCX SXC-8 on this and give it a go. Fairly nervous.
    I will let you know how I (and it ) survive.
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  6. emptymt
    I had a chance to listen to The Atlas and do an AB with Andromeda.

    Source is Hiby R6 -> Ifi Micro BL (iematch feature)

    First things first I found that the pairing of the micro BL and Andromeda is not the best, so please keep this in mind. I also only try 3 songs, 1 Rock and 2 Metal tracks.

    Porcupine Tree - Train
    Death - Trapped in a corner
    Opeth - The Moor

    The Atlas sounds excellent, loved it a lot, playing Trains by Porcupine Tree, the Vocals and Treble are inline and very natural without being overly smooth, details is abundant and nothing seems recessed or out of place, separation is excellent and every notes are vivid with strong clarity.
    All the above is true, until I hear the Bass, it is big sounding and fill up the space of the imaginary head space, impact is really strong with great extensions, speed is excellent too!

    I found even with the boosted bass, the mid and treble are not affected, they all still play accordingly without any bleed.
    The Problem for me on the Atlas is the way it will get your attention to the bass, with that big strong excellent bass, it is difficult to switch your attention to the other frequencies, I found myself drawn to the excellence of the bass way too often when listening to music, hence I'm not listing to my music as a whole piece at times, this concerns me a bit.

    The Andromeda is an old acquaintance of mine, I've reviewed this IEM in the past, and prior to the Atlas was my favorite IEM by CA! I thought the Vega is good but not at the same level for me.
    I though the pairing with the Micro does not compliment the tonality as it does not sound as excellent as I remember it to be even though all the details come out.
    With The Andromeda I feel that the sound stage is wider with thinner notes that still maintains good body. The bass as usual is tight, has good extension and fast, even faster than The Atlas. (In metal tracks, super fast blast beats makes testing this very easy!)
    The treble as usual is euphoric and quite smooth, and it is more revealing than the treble in The Atlas!

    I found that the tonal balance is better than the Atlas if you are a neutrality lover, as we all know The Andromeda has some problems with the pairings. Other than that in my case the fit is not as excellent as The Atlas, it is not as comfortable and getting a good fit is also more difficult when inserting the IEM.

    I was unable to make up my mind on which to get as I need to use this with DAP, and that means I need the ieMatch to my R6 in order to audition properly. I also still has the Fiio X7 II.
    I will definitely do a second round audition before making the purchase.

    Summary of Comparison:
    1. Atlas is more comfortable than Andromeda
    2. Atlas is L shaped, Andromeda is more neutral (maybe slightly W shaped).
    3. Detail is similar, maybe slightly stronger on Andromeda.
    4. Atlas is more forgiving to poor recording
    5. Bass is way more on the Atlas, the difference is huge!! Texture is also better but it is a little less speedy.
    6. Atlas is easier to use and the fit is less problematic.
    7. Andromeda has more problems with pairing, Atlas was fine straight from my R6.
    8. Atlas is actually smaller size wise compared to Andromeda
    9. Overall Technical capability is on the same level, both are excellent!

    Problems for both:
    1. Both has issues with fit for me, The Andromeda is difficult to insert perfectly to get good seal, while the Atlas sticks out a lot, and after a while the seal loosen up a bit for me.
    2. If you want to go Balanced, you need to buy extra cable to use with your DAP, that means 1 extra cable siting around doing nothing.

    Right now I'm actually thinking of getting the Atlas even though I like Andromeda's tonality a bit more.
    This is because I have the Utopia for my main HP, and the Atlas will give better contrast and variance to my music listening. Other than that comfort is very important for me!
    I listen to music while working, I need something quick, painless and guaranteed.

    Hope this helps people out!
    I will write review on The Atlas if I decide to get it!
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  7. Ian88
    Brief demo of the atlas today with my LGV20. All i can say is if u found ie800 to be peaky in the treble and a still bass lacking, then the atlas will serve you well.
  8. Audiophonicalistic
    Good job on the comparison. If the atlas is too much for you, want to tone it down just a hair and increase the mids, I can highly recommend plussound exo gold plated silver. Brings just a bit of smoothness to the overall sound and really enjoying the atlas with them. On andromeda they make them too smooth imo.
  9. ExpatinJapan

    I did it and it was easier than expected.
    Now its quite comfortable with the Atlas and sits waaaaaay better (time to edit the cable section of my overly creative writing piece that is my Atlas review, LOL). Thanks again!!!

    The cable is ALO Audio SXC-8 btw.

    (Photos are thumbnails)







    My Atlas review here.

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  10. linux4ever
    Can you please describe the details of the sound signature of this pairing that you've Campfire Audio Atlas>ALO Pure Silver 4.4>ibasso DX200 w/ Amp 4s?
  11. Jonathan Lerner
    Do you guys know if the atlas has a problem where one side is quieter than the other cause of air pressure because that was a problem with the lyra 2 and Vega for me
  12. Audiophonicalistic
    Hasnt happened to me yet. However, I also didnt have that issue with the vega.
  13. Quadfather
    How does the atlas pair with Lotoo Paw Gold Diana, Questyle QP1R, and Sony NW-WM1A?
  14. MyPants
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  15. dpwolfordMD
    ok y’all here are my thoughts:

    so I bought comets, weren’t my fav sent them back, thought they were missing something in the midrange and then thanks to the amazing customer service from both JD and Caleb they gave me a full refund provided that i was gonna upgrade to something like an orion or Polaris.

    I ended up getting the polaris, kept em for a week but the entire time wondering what the atlas would sound like. turns out campfire uses amazon pay and I just so happened to have a $1500 credit limit on there. once again I call campfire asking ok can I send the polaris back and make the upgrade of all upgrades to the atlas. the customer service was legit as heck even sent me an RMA with free shipping back on the polaris.

    all I will say is that if you are even remotely into music and share the passion that we all do then it is 100% worth it to get the atlas bc if u get something else you’ll just be like “freak did I waste my money on inferior stuff?” the bass and sound is so nice, full bodied bass

    seriously like do what u can do to get the atlas
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
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